Fusion Formulations Appoints Beverage Experts

In response to its recent growth surge, Fusion Formulations has appointed two formulators to keep up with the demand the company is receiving for its services. Chris McVicker and Deirdre “Dee” Piggott both have beverage-formulation backgrounds.

Chris McVicker has worked for Custom Food Solutions, Key Essentials Flavors and APV Crepaco all in various capacities including sales, beverage development, sourcing, specifying process and packaging requirements, and designing, engineering and project management. McVicker specializes in preserved, pasteurized and hot-fill systems, HTST, UHT and aspect processes for liquid beverages, powders and food.

Deirdre Piggott, a sought-after beverage development consultant, was formerly affiliated with FONA International as beverage technical solutions manager, where she built, managed and led a beverage technical team and wrote a course called “Beverage Development for Dummies.” Prior to this, she served as beverage applications manager for Quest International. Piggott lends her considerable skills in all aspects of liquid beverage development, fruit juice production and legislation, and team building.

“Both Chris and Dee bring a variety of specific skills, experience and instincts to the vast world of beverage creation and production,” says Brad Grossman, founder and CEO of Fusion Formulations. “This market will continue to grow with drinks ranging from juices, carbonates, enhanced waters and other options to satiate all tastes and nutraceutical needs. Fusion Formulations has purposefully re-engineered its business model to become one of the foremost beverage production specialists, and both Chris and Dee will help our company achieve this goal and maintain it.”

About Fusion Formulations
Fusion Formulations is a GMP-certified contract manufacturer and private-label manufacturer. Fusion Formulations is an experienced leader in customized contract manufacturing of nutraceutical beverages, plus nutraceutical, vitamin, mineral and botanical tablets, capsules and powders.

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