FutureCeuticals opens bioclinical research facility Applied BioClinical, Inc.

FutureCeuticals is an industry leader in the research, development and manufacture of fruit, vegetable, and grain-based products for the functional food and dietary supplement markets.

FutureCeuticals, Inc. announces the official opening of Applied BioClinical, Inc. (ABC), a new bioclinical research facility located in Irvine, CA.

Zbigniew Pietrzkowski, Ph.D, leads the research efforts at ABC as Chief Science Officer after having served for 11 years as Vice President of Research and Development at FutureCeuticals. 

During his tenure at FutureCeuticals, Dr. Pietrzkowski designed and implemented a unique, discovery-based research platform for the rapid and cost-effective in clinico identification of biomarker-specific activity of fruit, vegetable and grain-based products and ingredients.  His efforts were instrumental in the commercialization of many innovative patented technologies.

Utilizing some of the most advanced clinical research tools and equipment available, ABC is able to measure the acute and single-dose effect of products on a wide-range of biologically relevant targets including a host of biomarkers associated with inflammation, aging, cardiovascular conditions, and metabolic conditions, cytokine and chemokine panels, oxidatative panels, mitochondrial function, gene-specific effects, and serum diagnostics.  The ABC testing paradigm allows for the time-efficient, affordable, and publishable discoveries of new functions and mechanisms of action for tested products.

"The establishment of Applied BioClinical, Inc. and our state-of-the-art facilities and clinical discovery research capabilities again demonstrates ongoing investment in and commitment to delivering unique, potent, market-leading, ethical products and services," said Dr. Pietrzkowski. 

While Dr. Pietrzkowski and his team will continue to serve as the bioclinical research and development arm of FutureCeuticals, the establishment of ABC provides a vehicle to make its bioclinical research expertise available to a wider scope of audience within the scientific and business community, and will offer new opportunities for partnerships focused on co-discovery and product co-development.

Representatives from FutureCeuticals and ABC will be available at the Natural Products Expo West tradeshow, March 9-11, at booth 1658.

More information on FutureCeuticals is available online at www.futureceuticals.com.

More information on Applied BioClinical, Inc. is available online at www.abclinicaldiscovery.com.

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