Gadot Biochemical Industries Receives Recognition from Frost & Sullivan for its Mineral Line

Palo Alto, Calif. — , 2005 — Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis of the U.S. Mineral Fortification Market identified Gadot Biochemical Industries (GBI) Ltd. as the recipient of the 2005 Product Differentiation Innovation Award. This Award recognizes the company’s efforts to strengthen its market presence by developing a successful mineral line that includes Gadophit, Gadolin Calcium, Gadolin Magnesium and Tri calcium Citrate with Vitamin D3 (TCC VitD), which improve absorption of minerals in the body. The launch has enhanced GBI’s position as a company that offers high quality, innovative, and end-user-focused products.

GBI has leveraged its remarkable experience and expertise to develop minerals that are bioavailable. This advantage is evident in its launch of an advanced mineral line, which combines minerals with different nutrients to achieve higher bioavailability.

The synergy among nutrients provides end users with cost-effective health benefits. GBI’s products are specifically designed to the proposed end use, such as Gadophit for soy milk, Gadolin Calcium and Gadilin Magnesium for clear beverages and TCC VitD for dietary supplement and general food enrichment. Their physical characteristics such as solublility and granulation are designed to perfectly match the application they are intended for. GBI’s strategy to develop unique products has helped it establish itself as a leader in the mineral fortification market. GBI intends to further expand its product portfolio through internal development as well as acquisitions.

“Product differentiation innovation has been an integral part of the company’s efforts to enhance its presence in the mineral fortification market,” says Frost & Sullivan senior research analyst Sucharithra Narayanaswamy. “GBI has successfully developed and marketed ingredients for food and beverages, mineral supplements, and pharmaceutical markets, which has increased its market penetration.”

To further establish its commitment to customer satisfaction, GBI has established strict internal regulations for quality control at all levels in the production process. It has achieved ISO 9001 certification as well as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) regulation. GBI is recently GMP certified

Food manufacturers are trying to cash in on the increasing awareness of osteoporosis by developing calcium-fortified products. GBI’s distinct offering, Gadophit, helps food manufacturers address this health issue successfully by combining calcium and phosphorous in the right proportion.

On the other hand, Gadolin products combine soluble forms of calcium citrate or magnesium citrate and dietary fiber. It uses Inulin, a prebiotic soluble fiber, to mask flavors, enhance calcium absorption, lower cholesterol level, and control blood sugar level. As a prebiotic fiber, it also increases the activity of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and curbs the growth of harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, GBI’s Tri calcium citrate with Vitamin D3 provides both calcium and vitamin D3 for better absorption of calcium, thus providing fortified foods that maintain bone health.

“GBI’s dedication in developing multi-functional products by combining two nutrients for achieving added benefits to meet the needs of the mineral fortification market has given the company a distinct market position,” notes Narayanaswamy. “Frost & Sullivan recognizes the outstanding contribution of GBI through the 2005 Product Differentiation Innovation Award for the U.S. mineral fortification market.”

Each year, this Frost & Sullivan Award is presented to the company that has best demonstrated the ability to develop and/or enhance products with more innovative capabilities than competing vendors and products. The Award recognizes the company’s successful adoption of a new or existing technology that has become a part of its well-designed product family.

About Gadot Biochemical Industries Ltd.

GBI, an Israel-based company, manufactures ingredients for the mineral supplement, food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and detergent markets. Established in 1962, it is the leading supplier of citrate salts and specializes in developing products, which have high bioavailability. Its product portfolio includes citric salts, calcium citrate, magnesium citrate, zinc citrate, crystalline fructose, and phosphate salts. For more information, visit:

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