Gadot Launches New, Efficient, User-Friendly Website

Gadot Biochemical Ind., Israel, launches a new user-friendly website,, as part of its on-line campaign.

Gadot’s new website is an advanced tool for the busy manager in the food & beverages industries. “We conducted an extensive marketing research among more than 2,000 users in the food & beverages and dietary supplements companies and the results provided us with useful information in order to design and build a state-of-art website,” says Ronny Hacham, VP of Marketing at Gadot.

The research results helped to define two main target users: technical team and purchasing team who have completely different needs. The new website is structured to provide a separate solution for each group.
“Some of the findings were rather surprising. For example, users prefer simple, neat designed website. They also prefer to work with well established, steady manufacturing companies which are able to maintain long term relationships together with the ability to develop innovative products,” explains Ronny Hacham. “Moreover, they expect to receive all the relevant information such as data sheets, certification and other readily available data. Therefore, the information on Gadot's site is comprehensive and can be reached in one click without the necessity to register each time the visitor would like to get a data sheet”.

The plan includes promoting another novel site,, developed by Gadot. The goal of this site is to stregthen Gadot's position in the market as the leading minerals supplier.

Gadot is a leading supplier of crystalline fructose, citrate salts and enrichment minerals.

Contact details:
Mr. Ronny Hacham
VP of Marketing
Gadot Biochemical Ind
Tel: 972-4-6461515
Fax: 972-4- 8461509
E-mail [email protected]

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