Galactic's new innovation center will speed new products to market

Galactic's new innovation center will speed new products to market

Galactic, a supplier of lactic acid and lactates has announced an investment in an innovation center for food and non-food applications in Escanaffles, Belgium.

The 2000 m² building will house several laboratories and pilot facilities dedicated to the development of new applications for lactic acid and lactates in meat, bakery and dairy as well as in non-food sectors such as paints, coatings, inks and surface treatment. It will also provide a comprehensive platform fully equipped with fermentation halls and chemical reactors for research on new molecules (Lactochemistry).

Such a concentration of activities will increase information sharing, reduce time-to-market and speed up R&D and patent application. With trainings to be organised on-site, the new innovation centre project will strengthen the company’s position as a solution provider to its clients and distributors and offer an efficient infrastructure for partnerships and co-developments.

"We see this as a new step forward for Galactic, to be in the forefront of innovation, to provide service and solutions to our stakeholders in different markets and to maintain our leadership in lactic acid and lactates" said Frédéric van Gansberghe, Managing Director.

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