Galam Group to take a majority in Atomer S.L. –Spain

Israeli company, Galam Group , for years the leading supplier of non-GMO Crystalline Fructose (Fruitose®) in Europe, has announced it has reached an agreement with the Spanish leader in the liquid fructose and liquid sugars market , Atomer S.L. to take a majority participation in the company.

Atomers S.L. will beneficiate from Galam's long experience in the fructose business to consolidate in the domestic market and from its extended distribution network in Europe to expand its activities beyond Spain.
In 2004, Galam Group already set up Eurosweet, a subsidiary located in Germany, in the field of liquid sweet blends for the food and beverage industries.

The investment in Atomer S.L. reinforces Galam Group presence in Europe in the liquid blends' market.
In addition to fructose, Galam Group manufactures a wide-range of Native and Modified Starches and Glucose Syrups .In the last years, the company has established subsidiaries specializing in mineral fortification, bio-functional products and customized solutions for the food and beverage industry.

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