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Ganeden Biotech’s BC30® now available in Canada

Ganeden Biotech’s BC30® now available in Canada
Ganeden partners with Nealanders International to be its exclusive distributor for the food, beverage and pet food industries in Canada.

Ganeden Biotech announced that the GanedenBC30 probiotic is now available in Canada through Nealanders International Inc., a world-class manufacturer and supplier of food ingredients and additives to the food industry. Nealanders is now the exclusive distributor of GanedenBC30 in Canada. This new partnership strengthens both companies’ capabilities to develop healthier food, beverage and pet food products with Canadian manufacturers.

On trend, today’s consumers are looking for food products that contain health benefits beyond basic nutrition. Nealanders’ partnership with Ganeden Biotech and its GanedenBC30 probiotic (Bacillus coagulans, GBI-30, 6086) further demonstrates Nealanders’ strength of adopting leading edge technologies to support their customers’ development of innovative concepts. Nealanders can now help their customers develop products with increased digestive and immune health benefits by adding GanedenBC30.

The composition of GanedenBC30 differentiates itself from other probiotic ingredients, such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, due to its ability to survive manufacturing processes, shelf life, stomach acids and intestinal bile. This increased resilience enables GanedenBC30 to deliver more intact active bacteria cells to the lower intestine, where it can metabolize and deliver a number of health benefits. The superiority of GanedenBC30 allows it to be incorporated into a variety of foods ranging from frozen yogurt and baked goods to hot cereals and confections. The strength of GanedenBC30 can be linked to its naturally occurring layer of organic material that protects the genetic core of the bacteria. Nealanders believes its customers will be very excited for such a unique and effective active bacterial culture now available to the Canadian market.

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About Ganeden Biotech

Founded in 1997, Ganeden Biotech is based in Cleveland, Ohio, and is at the forefront of probiotic research and innovative product development with GanedenBC30®, its patented, probiotic ingredient. GanedenBC30 can be found in more than 50 foods, including popular brands like Red Mango frozen yogurt and ice teas, Naked Pizza pizza dough, Heartland Sweeteners Nevella with Probiotics, and R.C. Bigelow's Herb Plus Tea. For more information on the probiotic ingredient GanedenBC30 and licensing opportunities for food and beverage applications, visit

About Nealanders International Inc.

Founded in 1989, Nealanders is recognized as a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of food ingredients, specializing in antioxidants, release agents, dough conditioners and enrichment blends. Nealanders' Head Office is located in Mississauga, ON, with facilities strategically located across Canada and the U.S. providing their customers with coast-to-coast coverage for both sales distribution and technical support. On the leading edge of emerging trends and a strategic focus on wellness, Nealanders has extensive laboratory capabilities for product development and full technical and regulatory support. Nealanders embraces a customer-focused mindset to create value for their customers.


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