Garden State Nutritionals announces the introduction of Appestat™

Appestat™ — life beyond ephedra

Garden State Nutritionals has announced the introduction of Appestat™, an independently studied, proprietary weight loss ingredient. Positioned to effectively replace ephedra (mahuang) in diet aids, Appestat™ is a result of GSN’s ongoing commitment to the development of novel, evidence-based approaches to weight management.

Although ephedra-based diet supplements have enjoyed a long history, great marketing success and broad consumer acceptance, ongoing controversy has had nutritional formulators scrambling for suitable replacements. To date, most of the proposed successors have shown clinical results that are less than spectacular.

In examining the mechanisms of action of ephedra and other thermogenic agents, GSN researchers discovered that ephedra products and anti-obesity drugs share a common trait: a biogenic amine as the active ingredient. Biogenic amines are a class of compounds that possess the ability to switch on the body's fat burning process, while switching off appetite. The types of biogenic amines found in drugs, however, are stimulants far too powerful for long-term safe use.

Fortunately, there are natural biogenic amines found in special diet-friendly foods that are far gentler in stimulant action, but still retain the desirable fat-burning and appetite quenching properties. Appestat™ is a potent co-extraction of three food ingredients naturally rich in non-jittery biogenic amines.

A placebo controlled, double blind pilot study, conducted by the independent research facility Marshall-Blum, LLC, found that, like ephedra, much of Appestat’s effectiveness comes from its ability to suppress appetite and promote a feeling of early satiety. These are important attributes not shared by other proposed “ephedra replacers”.

GSN’s skilled formulators have devised a variety of synergistic formulas, combining Appestat™ with other natural fat burners, thermogenics and mood-enhancers. If you wish to explore your life beyond ephedra, please contact GSN at 800-526-9095 or

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