GC Rieber Oils’ new concentrates maximize omega-3 delivery

GC Rieber Oils’ new concentrates maximize omega-3 delivery

GC Rieber Oils is now producing innovative omega-3 concentrates that range from 60 to 90 percent total omega-3, under the VivoMega ULTRA brand.

The stature of Omega-3’s within the nutraceutical industry continues to grow at an accelerated pace, as DHA and EPA have proven to be valuable nutrients that support health and wellness over a wide range of health conditions. GC Rieber Oils recognizes this trend by transforming how omega-3 oils are made, to ensure their products meet the increased demand from customers for highly concentrated, pure omega-3 products. As a result, GC Rieber Oils is now producing innovative omega-3 concentrates that range from 60% to 90% total omega-3, under their VivoMega ULTRA brand. These new-to-market ULTRA concentrates make it possible for the nutraceutical industry in turn to provide to their customers with a meaningful amount of DHA and EPA per serving of product, either in liquid or softgel form, in line with effective dosage levels supported by current science.

“We are thrilled that our customers look to GC Rieber Oils as a reliable, high grade source of ultra-concentrated DHA and EPA”, says Steve Dillingham, General Manager of GC Rieber Oils, Inc., located in New Jersey. “Our unique manufacturing process has prompted a lot of industry attention, as the quality, purity, and stability of our concentrates really stand out against others on the market. Our highly stable concentrates contain extremely low oxidation values and possess virtually no fishy taste or smell, due in large part to our proprietary processing methods. This quality standard distinguishes us from our competitors.

To achieve the superior quality level, GC Rieber Oils merges traditional distillation processes with innovative in-house technology. Examples of this include their enzymatic concentration of omega-3 at low temperatures, and by utilizing a pioneering deodorization procedure that removes volatile oxidative compounds – resulting in highly concentrated DHA and EPA oils that have consistent quality as well as exceptional taste and sensory appeal. Based on the specific DHA/EPA ratio of their concentrates, GC Rieber Oil’s products are well positioned to support a wide range of health and nutrition requirements shown to be important to the heart, brain, eye, joints, and towards prenatal development, for example.

“Equally important to how we make our oils, is safety for the end-user as well as the environmental responsibility,” added Peter Odegaard, Strategic Commercial & Development Manager at GC Rieber Oils AS. “We use a proprietary technology that insures elimination of harmful environmental pollutants and oxidation products, and our company is committed to using self-produced biodiesel, providing GC Rieber Oils with the potential for a carbon-neutral production plant.”

GC Rieber Oils will continue to pioneer the omega-3 oil category by innovating and producing functional omega-3 concentrates that are of high quality, applicable to many formulation applications, and that are reliably and sustainably produced. The New Jersey office was recently added to support their growing global business, to capture the increasing demand for highly concentrated omega-3 oils in the US and Canadian market, and they are already seeing significant growth in these markets through collaborative partnerships with select customers. GC Rieber Oils Inc. will be exhibiting at the upcoming SupplySide MarketPlace being held in New York City in May, 2012.

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