GCI Nutrients Celebrates Forty Years of Business in the Nutraceutical Industry

From its roots as an importer of Geoxy-132 forty years ago, GCI Nutrients has grown into a network of worldwide offices sharing a single vision of supporting new product development in what has become known as Nutraceuticals for the betterment of mankind. From introducing now widespread products such as Co-Q-10 to the promotion of the standardization of herbal extracts, GCI Nutrients has been responsible for building the industry into what it is today.

"In a business where twenty year old companies are considered deep-rooted, GCI Nutrients stands as a forerunner of the modern Nutraceutical world. To have maintained its growth through the variety of changes in this industry is admirable," says Mike Cronin, General Manager of GCI Nutrients USA located in Foster City. "It's an honor to be part of a company that has contributed to improving the health of so many people around the world. We would like to thank all of our customers and business partners, without whom our four decades of success would not be possible."

"The key ingredients to our success has been our committed push to be there for our customers at every level of support," said Richard Merriam, founder and president of GCI Nutrients. "From clinical trial backing to technical assistance to product consistency, the success of our customers is what keeps us growing."

In 1994 GCI Opened its first international office in Vancouver, Canada. In 1996 GCI targeted supplier markets by opening offices in Brazil and India along with China in 1998. GCI completed its coverage of the North American market by opening GCI Mexico in 2000. In order to serve the European market, GCI opened its office in The Netherlands in 2003. Today, GCI Nutrients has seven independent offices in operation worldwide.

GCI Nutrients Inc. serves the functional foods and beverages, sports, animal/pets, cosmeceutical and nutriceutical markets. There is an extensive array of products to meet the needs of the nutraceutical industry which includes over 4,000 ingredients from quality commodities to unique proprietary products. These ingredients come in a selection of product forms such as bulk powders, liquids, tablets, and softgels.

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