GCI Nutrients Focuses on Its Branded Products

GCI Nutrients USA, a worldwide ingredient supplier, has created the following list of ingredient brands (within the structure/function category):

ABG Larch Arabinogalactans (immune support)
AcaiSure (antioxidant)
AmlaSure (antioxidant)
CranSure cranberry PE (women's health)
Diehl's Own Cetyl Mristoleate (bone/joint health)
GarliSure (cardiovascular health)
GeOxy-132 Germanium (immune support)
GojiSure (antioxidant)
Liposerine phosphatidylserine (cognitive function)
LutiSure lutein (eye health)
Olivir olive leaf extract (immune support)
PomeSure pomegranate (cardiovascular health)
PoliSure policosanol (cardiovascular health)
ResveraSure resveratrol (cardiovascular health)
RhodiolaSure (adaptogen)
SelenoSure selenium (immune support, antioxidant)
SerraSure serratiopeptidase (cardiovascular health)
XanoSure mangosteen (antioxidant).

GCI Nutrients is a wholly owned subsidiary of Greater Continents Worldwide, a Nevada corporation. Since 1970, GCI has been building strategic partnerships with its customers and vendors by offering a robust product line coupled with exceptional customer service and informational support. From its seven offices worldwide, GCI certifies all of its supply partners and guarantees quality, delivery and best pricing.

For more information, contact David Pihlcrantz at GCI Nutrients, 1163 Chess Drive, Unit H, Foster City, CA 94404. Tel: (650) 697-4700, FAX: (650) 697-6300, email: [email protected], website: www.gcinutrients.com

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