GCI Nutrients Hires Laura Minighini as Western Region Sales Representative

June 30, 2005 --BURLINGAME, CA - GCI Nutrients USA, a worldwide ingredient supplier, is pleased to welcome back Laura Minighini as the Western Region Sales Representative! She joins GCI again, after a five-year absence spent working for the raw botanical industry, including teas and spices. In her 20 years of experience in the natural food industry, Laura has worked in environments along the entire supply chain, from raw materials to retail. “This breadth of experience makes Laura particularly well suited to understanding the needs of GCI’s customers,” explains Walter Rick, GCI’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing. She is also working on getting her B.S. for Registered Dietitian at San Jose State University, which makes her knowledgeable about nutritional and dietary issues.

GCI Nutrients is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greater Continents Worldwide, a Nevada corporation. Since 1970, GCI has been building strategic partnerships with its customers and vendors by offering a robust product line coupled with exceptional customer service and informational support. From its seven offices worldwide, GCI certifies all of its supply partners and guarantees quality, delivery and best pricing. Check out GCI’s website at www.gcinutrients.com.

For more information, contact Walter Rick, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at GCI Nutrients, 1501 Adrian Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010. Tel: (650) 697-4700,
FAX: (650) 697-6300, email: [email protected], http://www.gcinutrients.com

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