GCI Nutrients offers 3 vegetarian DHA products

Microalgae are grown through fermentation in a controlled environment that is free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants.

GCI Nutrients USA, a worldwide ingredient supplier, offers three Vegetarian DHA products from Microalgae: DHA-3 Sure™ DHA 35% Oil from Microalgae – Vegetarian, DHA-3 Sure™ DHA Oil Powder from Microalgae – Vegetarian, and DHA-3 Sure™ Water Soluble.

According to David Pihlcrantz, MPH, Technical Director at GCI Nutrients, “GCI Nutrients’ DHA-3 Sure™ products are vegetarian and free of heavy metals, GMOs and hexane (a solvent). In the manufacturing process, microalgae (Crypthecodinium cohni) are grown through fermentation in large vats in a controlled environment that is free of heavy metals, pesticides and other contaminants. Then, the DHA oil is extracted from the microalgae by a solvent-free extraction process.”  

GCI’s DHA-3 Sure™ Water-Soluble product is a transparent water-soluble DHA concentrate that can be added to beverages, smoothies and other liquid applications without causing any impact on flavor, taste or appearance.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 fatty acid. Infants require an adequate supply of DHA for development of the brain, retina and nervous system. Children and adults also require DHA in their diet for healthy brain, eye and nervous system function. In addition, DHA supports the cardiovascular system by helping to maintain healthy levels of triglycerides and cholesterol and a healthy inflammation response. In addition to DHA, GCI’s DHA Oil is also high (approximately 16%) in the Omega-6 fatty acid docosapentaenoic acid (DPA), relative to the approximately 7% DPA in fish oil. Although DPA is not as well known as DHA and EPA (another omega-3 fatty acid), recent research indicates that DPA can play an important role in supporting cardiovascular health and cognitive function.

GCI Nutrients is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greater Continents Worldwide, a Nevada corporation. Since 1970, GCI has been building strategic partnerships with its customers and vendors by offering a robust product line coupled with exceptional customer service and informational support. From its seven offices worldwide, GCI certifies all of its supply partners and guarantees quality, delivery and best pricing. 

For more information, contact David Pihlcrantz at GCI Nutrients, 1163 Chess Drive, Unit H, Foster City, CA 94404. Tel: (650) 697-4700, FAX: (650) 697-6300, email: david@gcinutrients.com, website: gcinutrients.com.


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