Gelita Presents New Concepts for Fat-Free Ice Cream at FIE

GELITA has announced OPTICE®, for fat-free ice cream.

OPTICE® opens up completely new possibilities in achieving the required texture and mouth feeling in fat- and sugar-free ice cream. The brilliant melting properties and the creamy full flavor that can be attained are also better than the "light" products currently on the market.

With OPTICE®, the premium standard for low-fat ice cream can thus be completely redefined.

In comparison with a standard ice cream containing 10% butterfat, the assessment of an expert panel from a renowned institute was very positive: the experts found the ice cream made with OPTICE® had perfect melting properties, excellent smoothness and a quite convincing mouth feeling.

Pay a visit to the GELITA Stand (8L23) at the FI Europe from November 17 – 19 in Frankfurt, and convince yourself of the extraordinary properties of OPTICE® by tasting delicious ice cream examples. We will be glad to help you compile individual concepts for your product range.

The company
OPTICE® has been developed by GELITA AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen peptides. Headquartered in Eberbach/Neckar (Germany), GELITA AG is active worldwide and employs some 2,800 people. For many years the company has been conducting intensive research into healthy food ingredients to improve people’s quality of life.

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