GELITA Unveils Creative Solutions at IFT in New Orleans

GELITA will showcase novel products promoting weight management and mobility at this year’s IFT. For innovative products and solutions, GELITA and its specific, tailor-made products are the perfect fit.

Promoting Weight Management
GELITA offers key solutions to replace sugar and fat without compromising taste, texture and other physical and sensorial properties for a host of confectionery, dairy, bar and nutraceutical applications. GELITA’s natural collagenous products are fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, preservative-free and cholesterol-free. They are easily digestible and suitable for use in organic products.

FORTIGEL® - The Joint Health Revolution
As a promising nutritional supplement to support joint health, GELITA FORTIGEL® specifically stimulates cartilage metabolism and enhance the synthesis of cartilage cells. In this way progressive loss of cartilage tissue can be counteracted. Numerous international preclinical and clinical studies have been able to confirm the positive effect of FORTIGEL®.

GELITA – Inspiring Creative Ideas
With a watchful eye on emerging technologies and trends, GELITA’s customer service and development experts can help turn an idea into a successful reality. GELITA’s technical and regulatory specialists guide the product development process from conceptualization to market. GELITA® Instant Gel Schoko, a novel formulation for protein enriched and reduced fat chocolate compounds and coatings, is only one example of recently developped trend-setting products for health, beauty and fitness.

“GELITA’s exhibit at IFT will continue to build upon GELITA’s innovative spirit. Our hallmark is to provide solutions through products specially developed for specific applications,” explains Jeremey Kaufmann, GELITA USA’s manager of edible application technical services.

Visit the GELITA booth # 2403 and learn more about GELITA’s creative solution and how thy can contribute to the success of your product range. We will be happy to discuss with you.

GELITA – An Element of Life!

GELITA AG is the world’s leading manufacturer of gelatine and collagen hydrolysate with production facilities in Europe, North America, South America and the Asian-Pacific Basin.

GELITA products are valuable collagenous proteins used in the food, health/pharmaceutical and photography industries. Products containing GELITA gelatine include gummy bears, marshmallows, cereal and nutrition bars, fitness beverages for joint nutrition, soft-shell and hard-shell capsules for vitamins and pharmaceuticals, as well as photographic film and special paper for ink-jet printers.

For further information please contact:

Lara Niemann
and Communications Manager
phone +1 712 943-1692
[email protected]

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