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GELITA Wins Frost & Sullivan Award "European Health Ingredient of the Year 2008"

A real breakthrough in joint health: GELITA has developed an ingredient - FORTIGEL® - that clearly brings about regeneration of joint cartilage. FORTIGEL® is thus the first food ingredient for the maintenance of healthy joints and the treatment of osteoarthritis. For this excellent pioneer work, GELITA has been awarded the Frost & Sullivan "European Health Ingredient of the Year Award 2008".
“We appreciate this award as a confirmation that our approach of developing real solutions for our customers and end-consumers based on intensive research and proof of concept, is the right one and we feel deeply honored.” says spokesman Michael Teppner from GELITA.

Treatment of root causes instead of relieving symptoms

Wear and tear of joint cartilage leading to osteoarthritis is becoming more and more of a worldwide problem. Millions of people are affected. Current therapies are mainly geared to treating the symptoms of osteoarthritis, e.g. inflamed and painful joints, but these cannot slow down or cure degradation of the cartilage. “FORTIGEL®, however, contains highly purified Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that act prophylactically but also therapeutically”, as indicated in the reasoning for the award.

Launched at the end of 2007, FORTIGEL® is the result of three decades of intensive research by GELITA. "In all, some 13 clinical studies involving several thousand osteoarthritis patients were carried out. Subsequent to several weeks of administration of FORTIGEL®, significant improvement in joint pain and mobility was observed by the patients", according to Michael Teppner. "The mode of action involved in the regeneration of joint collagen has also been established in the meantime: Bioactive Collagen Peptides® stimulate cartilage cells to produce more collagen and proteoglycans. And these two substances alone represent some 90% of the cartilage mass. Just recently, a study has confirmed for the first time in-vivo that cartilage degeneration was stopped."

Unique market position

The outstanding and unique market position of FORTIGEL® is based on the comprehensive clinical data that conclusively prove the effectiveness of the product for joint health. No other ingredient can demonstrate such good pre-clinical and clinical data. In addition, FORTIGEL® is odorless, neutral in taste and free from gluten, purines, tryptophan, fat and cholesterol. It also has no allergenic potential. "FORTIGEL® opens up the market for a whole new range of product formulations for the prevention and treatment of joint disease brought about by overweight, aging and physical activity", underlined Frost & Sullivan analyst Chandrasekhar Shankaar.

A further important group that can benefit from FORTIGEL® is hobby and performance athletes. FORTIGEL®-enriched products can supply effective regeneration peptides to their joints. Minor joint defects can thus be catered for before they become serious. In this way, athletes can prevent joint problems occurring.

The American Medical Women’s Association reckons that in the USA alone more than 16 million people suffer from osteoarthritis. The Canadian Dimethaid Research estimates some 40 million sufferers in Europe – a very attractive market with enormous potential for products with a scientifically founded health claim.

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