Get the Antioxidant Benefits of Coffeeberry(TM)

Momence, Illinois … (June 15, 2005)… VDF FutureCeuticals, Momence, IL, presents CoffeeBerry™ for use as an antioxidant supplement.

Coffeeberries are the outer layer of the coffee fruit. FutureCeutical CoffeeBerry Forte has a very high ORAC level of ORAC level of 15,000 umole/gm minimum, an antioxidant content higher than that of green tea. Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals in the human body.

CoffeeBerry from FutureCeuticals is a white, free-flowing, powder that is partially soluble in water and is suitable for encapsulation, or as an addition to supplements, bars and beverages.

VDF FutureCeuticals is a division of Van Drunen Farms and is a leader in the development of products for the health food and supplement industries. For more information, samples or literature, visit or call 1-888-0472-3545.

Ann Juttelstad
815-465-2070 [email protected]

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