Get ready for Nutracon and SupplyExpo

The Nutracon Conference (March 7-9) is an annual pilgrimage for product developers, regulatory-affairs experts, R&D scientists, formulators and brand managers. Co-located with the SupplyExpo 2007 and Natural Products Expo West in the Anaheim Marriott Hotel, the conference offers the latest information on next-generation ingredients, emerging markets, consumer-trend data, the state of the science and regulatory constraints.

Attendees have the chance to communicate with experts in the field and gain insights into innovation and product development based on sound science, technology, case studies and the latest marketing intelligence.

For the first time, Nutracon 2007 has created an innovative, flexible pricing system that allows participants to purchase the entire conference programme, or one of two individual day-long tracks for a fraction of the full conference price (customised in-depth workshops can also be purchased separately). One track focuses on the state of the science and intellectual property issues for bioactives, the other on food and beverage innovation. Each track features intensive workshops on key topics and issues for deeper perspective.

The final day of the conference will feature keynote speaker Andrew Zolli, a dynamic leader of the next generation of futurists. He is the founder of Z + Partners, a think tank that helps global companies and institutions see, understand and respond to complex change.

Highlights of the conference include:

  • Making It Easier for Consumers to Choose Functional
  • Where Are Functional Foods and Medical Foods Going?
  • Case Studies: Superfruits as Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory; Beverages for Weight Loss; Heart-Healthy Foods Beyond Cereal
  • The State of Governmental Science — Is the well running dry or are we tapping the wrong well?
  • The Diseasification of America — If food, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements are in direct competition, how do supplements compete?

For the eighth year, Nutracon will present the NutrAward, in which industry experts and SupplyExpo attendees single out an innovative, evidence-based, health and nutrition ingredient from the previous year for commendation. The product is chosen based on scientific merit, efficacy, market potential, safety, innovation and ability to increase market credibility.

Cost to attend the Nutracon conference

  • Entire conference — $795 (if registered by February 23, after which the price jumps by $200).
  • One-day track — $595
  • One of the three concurrent workshops — $395.
  • Nutracon registration fee includes entrance to all SupplyExpo/Natural Products Expo West 2007 functions.
  • Until February 23, industry members attending SupplyExpo West will pay $195. The fee for non-industry guests is $325. SupplyExpo exhibitors can upgrade to Nutracon for $295.

SupplyExpo is widely considered a leading event for exploring the development of real-world product applications within healthy foods and beverages, dietary supplements and bioactives, functional cosmetics, and health and beauty.

At SupplyExpo, the Global Supply Marketplace booth (hall A, booth #362), gives visitors the opportunity to get plugged into a network of cutting-edge, high-level trade shows; educational conferences; publications; websites; webcasts; and e-newsletters. Also at the booth, the NPIcenter/New Hope Natural Media forum will include presentations of novel concepts, and licensing and alliance opportunities, bringing together ideas from academia, government and industry experts.

Get connected
Again this year, SupplyExpo and Nutracon attendees can review scientific poster sessions, featuring the latest innovations and technical advancements in product applications, and developments in the global and health nutrition industry.

At the booth's Applications Café, visitors can sample foods, beverages and supplements/bioactives applications.

The booth also will feature the new Global Supply Marketplace Sunday Brunch. It is open to all SupplyExpo attendees and exhibitors, and offers a chance to schedule that last-minute important appointment with a colleague or client.

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