GFTC Unveils Genesis Database to Supplement Nutrition Labelling Services

Guelph, Ontario-- The Guelph Food Technology Centre (GFTC) is pleased to announce that it has acquired the highly-respected Genesis software package and will be using it in concert with its other services to provide the best in nutrition labelling services for its clients.

“This is a particularly useful tool to have available for our clients,” explains Judy Stuart, Senior Applied Research Scientist at GFTC. “Health Canada’s new nutrition labelling regulations will require that much more detailed and accurate information be displayed on food packaging. Lab analysis is always the definitive measurement tool and the means that the CFIA will use to monitor compliance, but databases also have their place. They can be very useful for checking that the analytical values are correct and which ingredients are contributing to the nutrient values. Many of our clients are very interested in product reformulation so that the panels on their products are much more attractive to consumers, and databases can point the way to product improvement.”

“Institutional foods which are pre-packaged will also require nutritional information,” continues Ms. Stuart, “but not in the same regulated format required for manufactured retail foods. For institutional foods, information generated using databases may be applicable since there will probably be more batch-to-batch variability in the production of these products than in manufactured foods. However, any food which is highly processed or where the amount of actual ingredient incorporated into the food is not well known, for example, in deep frying, should undergo lab analysis.”

“We routinely work on such a wide range of products for our clients that we can bring a broad perspective to ensure compliance with these new regulations,” adds Ms. Stuart. “This is especially important since the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) does not stipulate how to obtain the information, only that the values correctly represent the product. We can help a client determine whether database results or lab analysis will be more appropriate. And, as always, work for clients is entirely confidential, and they own the results.”

GFTC is Canada’s only not-for-profit, non-subsidized food technology centre. GFTC provides creative, confidential technical solutions, training, consulting and auditing to the Canadian agri-food industry in the areas of R&D, product development, packaging, shelf-life, food safety, quality, and productivity improvement. Each year, GFTC assists over 500 companies and organizations, and provides training to more than 3600 people.

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