Gift of Hope, Inc., Charity of National Enzyme Company, Acquires Local Food Pantry to Prevent Shutdown

Gift of Hope, Inc., a charity started by the owners and employees of National Enzyme Company, has recently acquired My Neighbor’s Pantry, a local food pantry serving over 1,800 people monthly in Northeast Taney County. The Pantry has been in operation for the past six years. However, the building used for its operations has recently been leased to another entity leaving the Pantry in a position to shut its doors.

In recent months Gift of Hope, Inc.’s Board of Directors had been considering expanding its programs to include a food pantry. When they became aware of the dilemma concerning My Neighbor’s Pantry, the Board recognized an immediate means of expansion through a mutually beneficial acquisition. Gift of Hope, Inc. founder, Anthony Collier, states, “We saw an opportunity for Gift of Hope to expand its outreach to families in need and are excited about this acquisition and the ways in which we can continue to grow this program in the future.”

Backed by the employees of National Enzyme Company, Gift of Hope, Inc. has been serving the needs of children and families in Taney County for over 20 years. Currently Gift of Hope, Inc. sponsors programs to provide children with school supplies, food and clothing. In addition, Gift of Hope, Inc. provides assistance to qualified families in need with rent, utilities, food, and Christmas gifts, particularly during the winter months when the need can be the greatest in Taney County.

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