Gilad&Gilad launches AgmaVet for animal food

Gilad&Gilad launches AgmaVet for animal food

Like AgmaSet for humans, new AgmaVet for animal food belongs to Gilad&Gilad's For-Nerve-Health product line containing its exclusive brand of agmatine.

Gilad&Gilad announced the launch of a new product, AgmaVet, selectively for animals. AgmaVet, like AgmaSet for humans, belongs to the Company's For-Nerve-Health product line containing G-agmatine (Gilad&Gilad's exclusive brand of agmatine), the highly effective neuroprotective ingredient for nerve pain-free functions. AgmaVet is now marketed for animal food.

An overview of the landmark scientific and clinical studies was recently presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine 28th Annual Meeting (February 24, 2012, Palm Springs, Calif.). According to the authors, "these studies demonstrate that compared to current standards, dietary G-agmatine is safer and more efficacious for promoting nerve cell survival (i.e., neuroprotection) and healthier axonal function (i.e., axonoprotection).To exert its beneficial effects, G-agmatine may interact with multiple molecular mechanisms that become compromised not only as a result of harsh physical conditions (e.g., proper spine-nerve structure/function relationships critical for pain-free sciatic nerve functions), but also as a typical consequence of drastic changes in metabolic functions (e.g., glucose metabolism), environmental insults (e.g., toxic chemicals), heredity and other conditions which pose threats to normal nerve functions."

Thus, AgmaVet, by providing animal food with high effective amounts of G-agmatine, affords nerve pain-free functions, normal sensory functions and nerve-dependent muscle strength. AgmaVet, therefore, has wide implications for animals whose need for an essential diet, which can afford a safe and effective alternative for nerve resilience and nerve pain-free functions, remained unmet until now.


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