Gilad&Gilad rebrands Neurofencine as AgmaSet

Gilad&Gilad rebrands Neurofencine as AgmaSet

Gilad&Gilad announced that its novel nutraceutical supplement for nerve functions, previously known as Neurofencine, is now rebranded AgmaSet.

Gilad&Gilad announced that its novel first-of-its-kind nutraceutical supplement for nerve functions is now rebranded AgmaSet, previously known as Neurofencine.

AgmaSet is a more distinctive, shorter and easier to pronounce name. According to the company's CEO, Dr. Gad M. Gilad, "many customers, including healthcare professionals and their patients, expressed difficulties in pronouncing Neurofencine. AgmaSet associates with the name of the neuroprotective ingredient G-agmatine. (Gilad&Gilad’s exclusive brand of agmatine) and is suggestive of the need to set nerve functions with AgmaSet.”

"It is estimated that more than 20 million people in the United States alone cope everyday with circumstances that pose threat to normal nerve functions.”  

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