Glanbia Commences Major Lactoferrin Expansion

Glanbia has commenced a major lactoferrin expansion in their state-of-the-art whey processing facilities in Idaho.

Building on its current lactoferrin production base, which has been in existence since 1997, Glanbia is responding to the increasing global demand for bioactive ingredients. Strong demand from the global nutraceutical sector for natural, anti-microbial and immune enhancing ingredients is the major driving force for the expansion. Glanbia’s commitment to expansion and development in the nutrition sector reaffirms it’s role as a global leader in the dairy nutraceutical arena.

Glanbia’s lactoferrin (branded Bioferrin®) is a bioactive milk protein, which has been shown to facilitate immune enhancement, intestinal health and overall wellness. Bioferrin® is a pure, natural health promoting protein, which can be consumed directly or included in formulated foods or dietary supplement products.

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