Glanbia to launch BarPro 585 ingredient at IFT

Glanbia to launch BarPro 585 ingredient at IFT

Glanbia will demo high-protein chocolate bite prototypes featuring the whipping protein, which is designed to create a desirable nougat texture in nutrition bars.

Glanbia Nutritionals will launch BarPro 585 at this year’s IFT Food Expo in Las Vegas. A first for nutritional bar formulations, the innovation is designed to significantly enhance the texture of nougat-style bars.

Visitors to booth 1241 will be able to see how a stable whipped texture can be created for bars using Glanbia Nutritionals’ new BarPro 585 ingredient. High-protein chocolate bite prototypes will feature the whipping protein which is designed to create a desirable nougat texture in nutrition bars. With the bites coated in high-protein milk chocolate, it also demonstrates another method of incorporating protein into a product while enhancing consumer appeal.

Linda Wilson, business development manager for bars, Glanbia Nutritionals, comments: “BarPro 585 is an important step in bar ingredient innovation as texture is such a key element in consumer satisfaction. Manufacturers have often faced challenges in effectively creating a nougat texture in such applications and this ingredient is the first to succeed. We see bars remaining a particularly popular format for consumers as they are convenient and offer proven nutritional benefits.”

During the event, Glanbia Nutritionals will also present its extensive range of proven high quality ingredients for baked goods, yogurts and beverages. Visitors will also be able to sample the company’s latest innovations, including its OptiSol 5300 hydrocolloid ingredient, a cost-effective guar gum replacer for gluten-free baked goods. An extension of the existing OptiSol line, the considerable functional benefits of this ingredient will be demonstrated through great-tasting gluten-free whoopee pies.

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