Announces Launch of New Research Website

Cyberspace (March 9, 2005), an international research community dedicated to the understanding and advancement of the GliSODin® SOD/gliadin complex, announces the launch of their new research website.

According to the organization, “The site is designed to be a forum for the interested parties that have come together to sponsor and create The SOD/Gliadin complex (called GliSODin, glisodine or oxykine) has been studied in vitro, in vivo and in clinical trials since 1988 in more than six countries on three continents - with many trials in development and underway.” is a virtual community with sponsors from around the world. Contributors to the site represent academia, clinicians, researchers and industry, all of whom believe GliSODin to be one of the most therapeutically relevant natural compounds available today.

The glisodin SOD/Gliadin complex is the first orally-effective delivery of superoxide dismustase (SOD). SOD constitutes the first and most vital role in the defense process against free radical damage.

Acting as an antioxidant catalyst, glisodin supplementation has been shown to promote SOD, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase. provides research links and studies establishing proof of concept in vitro and in vivo, and efficacy in animal and human models. Human studies include protection of mitochondrial DNA, inhibition of isoprostanes, protection against UV radiation and sun allergy, inhibition of lactic acid accumulation under physical stress, and normalization of endogenous antioxidant levels in immune compromised individuals.

International contact: Francois Vix [33] 1 53 98 85 00

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U.S. Contact: Eric Anderson
[email protected]

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