Global Food Supplement Associations Meet to Define World Regulation

The global food supplement industry recently gathered in Istanbul for the Annual Meeting of IADSA to address the scientific and regulatory issues shaping the future of legislation across the world in the sector.

The meeting brought together members from Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia and the United States to establish priorities for action. It was agreed that:

- The IADSA Scientific Programme would be extended to cover the substantiation of claims and best practice in the regulation of botanical ingredients in supplements.

- That a global framework for good manufacturing practice (GMP) would be developed. This will bring together elements of existing GMPs from across the world.

- That cooperation would continue with governments across Asia and Latin America as priorities.

- That IADSA should monitor closely developments in the EU, and particularly on the health claims Regulation, in view of the global importance of the EU in regulation.

Peter Zambetti, the newly elected Chairman of IADSA, highlighted the importance of harnessing the combined expertise and networks of the members across the world.

“IADSA is an organisation that continues to move from strength to strength”, said Peter Zambetti. “We have to move forward on engaging in more education and training for decision-makers, whether in government or science. It is vital that whatever regulatory and policy solutions are arrived at across the world, the interests of the whole supplement sector are protected”.

The next annual meeting will be held in Anaheim, to coincide with the Natural Products Expo West Trade Show.

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