Global Health Trax debuts KidsLac probiotic

Global Health Trax debuts KidsLac probiotic

KidsLac contains five different strains of healthy bacteria, highlighted by the DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Little people have become a big priority at Global Health Trax. GHT, an industry leader in nutritional supplements, recently introduced KidsLac, a probiotic for children with five strains of friendly bacteria. KidsLac joins GHT’s growing lineup of child-specific products—which already includes Plant Based Vitamin D3 flavored spray, made available in March, and Yummy Fiber supplement, introduced in late 2010.

“Children are our most precious commodity,” says Jim Rex, GHT’s President and CEO. “At GHT, the recent launch of our KidsLac product is yet another demonstration of the company’s commitment to kids’ optimal health and well-being, through the development of natural, effective supplements.”

KidsLac helps support children’s natural defense systems, while assisting in the reduction of occasional digestive upset at the same time. KidsLac contains five different strains of healthy bacteria, highlighted by the DDS-1 strain of Lactobacillus acidophilus—one of the most studied, proven, and reliable strains of probiotics in the world, which stimulates the immune system, reduces lactose intolerance, initiates the colonization of good bacteria and helps to control pH levels, primarily in the colon.

KidsLac also contains Bifidobacterium bifidum, which helps to maintain intestinal flora and is associated with a decrease in allergies; Bifidobacterium infantis, the main bacteria found in breast-fed infants; Bifidobacterium lactis, which supports the immune system; and Bifidobacterium longum, which helps to metabolize a wider range of carbohydrates.

GHT’s Plant Based Vitamin D3 spray for kids, with a mild orange fruit flavor, represents the only 100 percent plant-based vitamin D3 product on the North American market. Vitamin D3, the naturally occurring form of vitamin D, assists the body in absorbing calcium and supports a healthy immune system.

A 2009 study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggested that three-quarters of Americans suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which can diminish bone density and weaken the body’s immune system. GHT’s Plant Based Vitamin D3 is made with Vitashine—a European product sourced from a type of lichen, and the world’s only known source of vitamin D3 manufactured without animal products.

GHT’s Yummy Fiber, meanwhile, is a 100 percent natural source of fiber. A clear, smooth, grit-free liquid fiber supplement with a mild fruit flavor, it can be consumed by itself or combined with any food or liquid, hot or cold. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn that most kids in the United States are not eating enough fruits and vegetables, and are not getting enough dietary fiber. One serving of Yummy Fiber—which has a proprietary blend of dietary fiber including acacia fiber, chia and apple pectin—provides more than half of a child’s recommended daily intake.

And for parents raising kids with particularly challenging palates, GHT has also introduced the Veggie Haters Pack—a bottle of Yummy Fiber twinned with a bottle of Vegiberries, a proprietary blend of natural fruit and vegetable powders and extracts, at a discounted price. In addition, GHT’s liquid basics such as Daily Vita Plus and Mega Minerals Plus are excellent alternatives for parents interested in giving their child a daily multivitamin and/or multimineral product that is robust and easy to digest.


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