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Global Health Trax Inc. Certified to Open Branch Office in Japan

VISTA, Calif., Jan 19, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Global Health Trax Inc.,, exclusive distributors of innovative health and wellness products such as Life Support(TM), Nature's Turn(TM) and Smart Magnets(TM), announced today that it has been certified by the Japanese government to open a branch office in Saitama, Japan. Global's new facility in Saitama, over 4,000 square feet in size and currently employing a staff of 12, will be headquarters to Global's multilevel sales marketing operations throughout Japan for all products currently produced and distributed by Global.

The opening of Global's office in Japan will feature a presentation to Japanese multilevel marketing leaders on February 5, 2005 by Everett Hale, Global's Chief Executive Officer, at the New Otani Inn located in Tokyo. Hale plans to make presentations in cities throughout the country, including Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka, and has a scheduled meeting with Mizuho Okabe, CEO of Okabe Industries, a leading owner of resorts and hotels in Asia, New Zealand and Australia, to promote Global's products. He is also scheduled to conduct media interviews that will be televised in Japan.

"I am extremely excited about the completion of the application process and our certification to be a multilevel marketing company in Japan," stated Hale. "Unlike other MLM companies, Global has taken the time and expended the money necessary to be properly certified to conduct operations in Japan. We believe Japanese certification will establish us as a reputable provider of health and wellness products in the region and lay the foundation for Global's expansion into other parts of Southeast Asia, China and India," he said. "I am confident that this latest accomplishment will give us access to incredible new markets in that part of the world with resulting profits for Global very shortly."

To many, Hale is widely known for his pioneering work in introducing the first commercially successful water-based ionic nutrition systems packaged for the consumer's convenience. Hale's varied background includes the food service, real estate, financial services, and nutrition industries promoting a variety of products. In the past seven years, Hale has grown Global's affinity membership program into a great national success story.

About Global Health Trax Inc.

Global Health Trax Inc. develops, manufactures, markets, distributes and sells branded and private label vitamins, nutritional supplements, dietary supplements and holistic technological products in the United States and throughout the world. Global's website address is Global offers a broad range of liquids, capsules and powdered products. Global's portfolio of recognized brands is primarily marketed through multi-level marketing, mass market, and health food store distribution channels. The company markets its branded nutritional supplement products, both domestically and internationally, in four principal categories, specialty supplements, vitamins and minerals, non-traditional dietary supplements and technological health products.

Global's Life Support line of products and two Nature's Turn products are produced internally, with certain other products and the Smart Magnet line produced by outside vendors. The principal executive offices are located at 2465 Ash Street, Vista, California 92081-8424. The telephone number is 760-542-3000. Global was incorporated in Nevada in 1999.

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