Global Leader in Pelletized Controlled Release Formulations and Manufacturing Touts Concepts and Technology as 'Benchmark for the Future' Within High-End Dietary Supplement Industry.

Company Establishes Base of Operations in U.S.

Pompano Beach, Florida—April 2003 Manufacturers and formulators in the $30 Billion+ supplement industry are seeking more effective methods to deliver specialized nutrients efficiently, increase user compliance and lessen side effects. The majority of products currently on the market utilize immediate release dosage forms (solid, powder or liquid), sparking criticism over questionable absorption rates of vitamins and nutrients in these products.

Osmopharm USA, the North American arm of Osmopharm S.A. is addressing the concerns of the scientific community while concurrently developing its presence with small to mid-size North American supplement manufacturers. The company plans to continue to apply its novel delivery methods through research, development and contract manufacturing of its controlled release products here in the United States. The near-term goal—according to Isaac Gilinski, President of Osmopharm USA, LLC—is to demonstrate how the application of controlled release delivery systems can “meet the needs of an ever more knowledgeable consumer while providing a better quality product, at the same time, enhancing profitability for manufacturers and distributors.”

With over 16 years of experience, Osmopharm S.A. manufactures modified release products
(over 150 Million doses per month from facilities in Switzerland and South America). “Much of what we are seeing in the supplement industry points us to controlled release forms as a substantially more effective and a sophisticated alternative to the traditional,” commented Gilinski.

Osmopharm’s products have been well-received by both the pharmaceutical and supplement industries, however, for the food / supplement industry, the technology is regarded as a more effective way to enhance existing formulations or for formulators to design products with very marketable advantages:

1) active principles can become bio-available via release through a coating, thus providing modulated absorption in the body. This translates into a more rational in-vivo performance with advantages being lower gastric irritation due to homogeneous distribution in the GI tract;

2) decreased side effects due to avoidance of peaks and valleys in blood levels;

3) better user compliance due to reducing the number of doses.

According to dietary supplement industry expert Dr. George Weil, there is a fundamental benefit for firms seeking to utilize Osmopharm’s technology. He says “Science is the future of the dietary supplement industry and Osmopharm is the future. Time-released capsules are the most powerful tool we are able to offer to consumers and certainly the most intelligent way of taking food supplements to assure total benefit.”

Osmopharm invites inquiries from wholesalers, marketers and manufacturers. Please contact: Isaac Gilinski, President, OSMOPHARM USA, LLC, 1893 SW Third St, Pompano Beach, FL 33069, Phone: 800-440-6470 (toll free) or 954-979-6440; e-mail: [email protected].

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