Global Leaders in Certification Announce Partnership to Offer ‘Bundled’ Organic and non-GMO Programs

Collaboration serves as a ‘one-stop-shop’ to provide both certifications with one inspection visit.

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 8 th, 2005) QAI, Inc, the global leader in organic certification services and CERT ID (“ CID ”), the world leader in non-GMO certification today announced a joining of forces to offer organic and non-GMO certifications to food companies.

The strategic collaboration of these two industry leaders will create an opportunity for companies to meet the demands for both organic and non-GMO certification, thus expanding their presence in the global food marketplace. “We are excited to be able to offer our clients non-GMO certification to meet all of their certification needs, “said Kristen Holt, President, QAI, Inc.

QAI is a USDA accredited third party certification agency that verifies the organic compliance of agricultural producers and food manufacturers to federal regulations administered by the National Organic Program. The organic industry is the fastest growing sector of the food market and concern about GMOs continues to be strong in Europe , Japan , Korea and Brazil , with labeling laws expected to be enforced even more rigorously than before. “ The Cert-ID program is world-class and will provide our clients access to important international markets with GMO labeling laws being enforced by regulators. This includes 42 countries with an additional 27 countries planning for GMO labeling laws. By offering this service in combination with organic certification, clients will enjoy the convenience of one inspection meeting the requirements of both programs.” said Holt.

CID has been in existence since 1998. Globally recognized as the leader in Non-GMO certification programs, CERT ID serves a growing list of international food industry clients by providing third party auditing, inspections, and certification programs including GMO regulatory compliance, Meat Traceability and Trait Preservation. CERT ID is the only program of its kind that integrates top quality GMO testing with the rigorous traceability of an identity preservation system. CERT ID combines auditing of production, storage, transportation and processing facilities with sampling which is based on carefully thought-out statistical models and stringent testing procedures, and supports this traceability with a comprehensive database containing all relevant information regarding the identity preservation. “With CERT ID, companies meet the demand for third-party “farm-to-fork” guarantee of a food product’s non GMO status. CID opens the door to even the most demanding markets.” – says Bill Thompson, Director of CERT ID LC, based in Fairfield Iowa .

Convenience, multiple services, and cost savings
The partnership/strategic alliance allows food companies the convenience of undergoing two separate certifications during the same inspection visit, reducing facility disruptions and saving clients time and additional costs.

“We are honored that QAI has chosen to commit to a mutually beneficial relationship with CERT ID and we are committed to helping QAI serve the needs of their organic customers with the highest quality non-GMO certification programs.” Mr. Thompson said.


Quality Assurance International (QAI, Inc.), a global leader in certification services, has operations in the U.S. , Canada , Japan , Latin America , and the European Union. Clients include agricultural producers, food processing facilities, integrated manufacturing operations and contract packing operations, traders, distributors, retailers, and other unique food operations. QAI’s Programs are designed to verify compliance at every link of the product handling chain, thus assuring consumers that product integrity is preserved in the marketplace. For further information about QAI, visit the Company’s website at

Genetic ID Inc. Founded in 1996, Genetic ID Inc. maintains global headquarters in Fairfield , Iowa , USA , as well as premier testing laboratories in Japan and Germany , offices in Argentina and Brazil , and the Global Laboratory Alliance of 19 affiliated laboratories and representatives spanning five continents. For more information contact Genetic ID in the United States at 641-472-9979, email: [email protected] .

CERT ID was founded in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Genetic ID. It has its global headquarters in the USA but maintains branch offices in the UK, Brazil, Japan, and Germany. For more information email: [email protected]

Ellen P Holton
[email protected]

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