The Global Supply Marketplace Provides Something for Everyone

The Global Supply Marketplace at SupplyExpo was home to many exciting events over the course of the convention.

The Exhibitor Ingredient Chef Demonstrations, sponsored by Sabinsa, Solbar and P.L. Thomas, took place on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7.

Sabinsa started the demonstrations off with a virgin Bloody Mary which included a horseradish float. The drink incorporated their Citrin K and Lactospore ingredients as a healthy alternative. The drink was spicy and was filling enough to leave one feeling satisfied with a full mind and tummy.

Solbar’s demonstration served up dark chocolate truffles with toasted soy bits, and included their ingredient Bonex 7809 (roasted steam textured soy protein bits.) The truffles were a definite crowd pleaser, pulling people out of the aisles and into the demonstration for a tasty treat and some education on their healthy ingredients.

P.L. Thomas served up dessert, in the form of a giant, healthy, cupcake. New ingredients used in this demonstration were stevia and red berry boost. These cupcakes were as pleasant to look at as they were to eat, with the benefit of knowing it was a healthier alternative to the traditional cupcake.

In addition to the GSM booth having so many healthy treats for the body, there were educational treats for the mind with the NPIcenter Exchange.

The Exchange featured five leading industry companies (OmniActive, InterMed, AHD, Morishita Jintan and Frutarom with BLIS) speaking about new, innovative technologies for industry use.

These sessions featured information on new and exciting research that is being made available to the industry now. Keep an eye on NPIcenter for a full report on the information from these events.

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