GNC Joins Forces With Sylvester Stallone to Launch Revolutionary Advanced Nutrition Product Line

NEW YORK, May 19, 2004 -- General Nutrition Centers, Inc. (GNC), the nation's largest specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, today announced a strategic partnership with Sylvester Stallone to help launch the film icon's new line of INSTONE nutrition and diet products. INSTONE products debuted today and are now available at GNC stores in New York City. The products will be available at GNC stores nationwide in June.

Stallone, founder and chairman of INSTONE, created the new company to provide innovative, high-quality sports nutrition and diet products to support a wide variety of health and fitness goals. The INSTONE product line includes INTAKE Lean Meal Options, a family of top-quality meal replacement products, Leanfire branded advanced thermogenic energy enhancement product, and Forza-T, a high-performance training support product for athletes and body builders.

This strategic partnership combines the popularity of Stallone and his credibility in the fitness community with the reach of GNC and the trust the company has built as a valuable resource for nutrition and training products and information. Leveraging the power of the two brands creates a unique opportunity to help introduce a broad range of consumers to, effective nutritional products designed to help them look, feel and perform better.

"I founded INSTONE with a vision for helping people learn from my experiences over more than 30 years of training. Whether you are into body building, athletics or losing weight, we want to create products that provide, easy and effective solutions," Stallone said. "There is no better partner than GNC to help take this message, and our INSTONE products, to the people. I know as a longtime customer that GNC carries the most advanced, scientifically tested products, and I look forward to making INSTONE products available to GNC customers across the country."

"We are highly selective in the products we make available at GNC," said Lou Mancini, chief executive officer. "We evaluate hundreds of new diet and sports nutrition products every year, and the INSTONE line stands out both in terms of innovative, science-based nutrition and impressive taste and convenience. Add in the passion, drive and fitness expertise of Sylvester Stallone, and it's clear that INSTONE is well positioned to capture the attention of customers around the country."

Initial INSTONE products launching at GNC include:

LEANFIRE(TM): A metabolic and energy enhancer designed to help consumers who are striving to achieve a leaner physique and maintain a feeling of increased energy throughout the day.

Lean Meal Options(TM): Premium high protein/low carbohydrate products designed for both top athletes as well as people who have committed to exercise and proper nutrition. Included among the Lean Meal Options are:

-- INTAKE PERFORMANCE(TM), a meal replacement shake high in quality
protein, fiber and critical nutrients such as fatty acids that are
important for superior performance and health;
-- INTAKE LEAN(TM), a high protein, low carbohydrate meal replacement
shake for customers looking for healthy choices for their low carb
lifestyle; and
-- INTAKE GO(TM), the first-ever high protein, low carbohydrate,
ready-to-eat pudding that provides a more convenient, healthier and
great-tasting alternative to bars.

FORZA-T: A scientifically designed combination of ingredients for men designed to support their workout as they train to obtain a more muscular physique, maximize athletic performance, and achieve better quality of life.

"I've been taking nutritional supplements my entire adult life, and have definitely noticed a difference since I switched to our INSTONE products," said Stallone. "They have become a critical component of overall health and fitness program."

GNC, based in Pittsburgh, PA, is the largest global specialty retailer of nutritional supplements, which includes vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, sports nutrition products, diet and energy products, specialty supplements and products and supplements for low carb lifestyles. GNC operates more than 5,000 retail locations throughout the United States, including over 1,300 domestic franchise locations, and locations in 35 foreign markets including Canada and Mexico.

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