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Go Appetít(R) "COOL SOUP(TM)" Opens New Category in Convenience Foods

Company To Launch New Category at Natural Products Expo West: First Drinkable Soups ideal for consumers who want “real food” on the go

Houston – (February 2008) – Go Appetít Foods, LLC announces that it is launching Go Appetít® COOL SOUP™, the first entrée into a new category in convenience foods that the company has pioneered – Drinkable Soups. Go Appetít COOL SOUP ( is designed for people who want real food – fast. Soup is satisfying and sustaining, but people typically associate soup with something that can only be eaten hot from a bowl. Go Appetít is actually cool soup in a bottle, ready to drink chilled on the go, at work or at home.

Two flavors – rich vegetable gazpacho and creamy mango spice – are crafted using pureed premium fruits and vegetables with fine herbs and spices. They are low in calories and all natural with no preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. Although Go Appetít COOL SOUP should be consumed chilled for the best taste, refrigeration is not required. The 8-oz. single serve bottle is easy to tote and consume at a desk, in the car, or anytime, anywhere one needs a nutritious and delicious quick meal or pick-me up.

The vegan rich vegetable gazpacho flavor is a take on the popular antioxidant-rich Spanish soup and contains a blend of zesty vegetables and spices such as tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, sea salt and olive oil. A serving of Gazpacho has only 100 calories with no cholesterol and low carbohydrate content.

The refreshing vitamin-packed creamy mango spice features mangos and peaches, with velvety smooth coconut milk and low-fat yogurt, and seasoned with mint and a pinch of chili pepper. It has 150 calories and provides 80 percent of an adult’s daily Vitamin A requirement and 50 percent of Vitamin C, plus three grams of protein.

Nutritionists recommend that people get at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day, yet the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (April 2007) says that less than 11 percent meet these guidelines. Go Appetít COOL SOUP can help busy people who often don’t have time to eat get their vital daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

“Go Appetít COOL SOUP redefines the experience of soup,” says Jacqueline Gartland the company’s Chief Creative Officer. “Soup is recognized as being nutritious, filling and energy-sustaining. But delicious soups don’t have to be hot. In fact, chilled soups are the perfect healthy fast food, particularly the way we have packaged them in state-of-the-art aseptic re-sealable plastic bottles. Our little black bottle brings all natural, nutrition to the hectic multi-tasking American day.”

Go Appetít Foods was founded by Jacqueline Gartland and Patti Melcher, two friends who shared a vision to positively affect the way Americans eat. A love of food was instilled in Jacqui by her Spanish mother, who viewed meals as the centerpiece of daily life. During a visit to Spain, Patti and Jacqui were inspired by simple and classic dishes like Gazpacho that were loaded with taste and nutrients, yet easy to consume. So they founded Go Appetít Foods to bring the flavors and natural nutrition of recipes from the Old-World to the New. Their mission for Go Appetít Foods also includes supporting another passion of theirs – supporting the health and education of children and families. They have therefore designated UNICEF as the corporate beneficiary of Go Appetít Foods.

Go Appetít COOL SOUP is available at select regional natural foods, grocery stores and also available at The suggested retail price is $2.99 per 8 oz bottle.

# # #

Go Appetít Foods, LLC is a Houston, Texas based company that is dedicated to making products that are all-natural, delicious, healthy and energy-sustaining, and to supporting health and wellness. Founding partners Jacqueline Gartland and Patti Melcher created Go Appetít COOL SOUP as a response to a need in the marketplace for a delicious, portable, healthy food, and as a way to give back to the community. For more information, contact 713-838-7940 or visit

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