Gold Star Nutrition Launches Power Thin Phase II

Austin, Texas -- Gold Star Nutrition, using the latest and most effective nutrient rich ingredients. has launched Power Thin Phase II, a new combination fat loss, energy product, capitalizing on the success of the Original Power Thin product.

John Cantu, President of Goldstar Nutrition was searching for a new formula that would achieve very specific objectives. "We wanted a safe, weight management formula that would support metabolism, mobilize body fat, curb appetite, and increase energy levels.”

Gold Star Nutrition enlisted the help of a Master Nutritional Biochemist and Registered Dietitian to design and develop a groundbreaking formula that not only met Cantu’s criteria, but exceeded them. The basis of the new formulation is a proprietary combination of AdvantraZ™, Caffeine, Yohimbe, Green Tea EGCG, Gugglesterones and other synergistic ingredients. AdvantraZ™ is patented for burning fat and suppressing appetite. Caffeine mobilizes stored body fat for energy while EGCG from Green Tea supports the metabolism to burn more calories daily. Guggulsterones are used to support healthy thyroid function and cholesterol levels.

Gold Star Nutrition notes Power Thin Phase II should be used as the centerpiece of a healthy weight loss plan. Key factors in overall personal success should always be regular exercise to maintain a healthy heart and good muscle tone, in addition to eating a balanced diet that provides optimal levels of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

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