Golden Omega joins Global Organization of EPA and DHA

Golden Omega joins Global Organization of EPA and DHA

Golden Omega becomes the first South American company to hold a leadership member position at GOED.

Golden Omega has joined the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED) as a top-tier Leadership Member. It is the first South American company to hold this position. By joining GOED at this level, Golden Omega gains a seat on the organization’s board of directors, where it can provide input and influence key industry and regulatory decisions. GOED’s mission includes consumer education about fish oils, working with government groups and the healthcare community, and setting high standards for the omega-3 fish oil industry.
In related news, Golden Omega’s new $65 million omega-3 fish oil processing plant in northern Chile began start-up production earlier this month and is scheduled for full-scale continuous production in March, said Michael Fisher, managing director of Golden Omega USA.
In addition, Golden Omega USA has relocated its U.S. offices to 65 Enterprise, Aliso Viejo CA 92656. The phone number at the new office is (949) 330-7030, and the fax is (949) 330-7031. The company offers a short, vertically integrated supply chain, including fishing vessels, refining of natural fish oil, and the omega-3 processing plant. “Vertical integration gives Golden Omega 100-percent control over the entire supply chain,” said Fisher. “For North American customers, this means obtaining the freshest natural resources, obtained from wild ocean-going fish, without a need to ship them thousands of miles for processing.
Golden Omega Background

Golden Omega was established in 2008 and is jointly owned by Orizon, Corpesca, and the Härting Group. Orizon and Corpesca are the leading Chilean fishing companies and processors and are subsidiaries of Empresas Copec, one of the largest publicly traded companies in Chile with a market capitalization of $21 billion (U.S. dollars). Härting is a Chilean chemical company and the owner of Arboris, the world´s leading phytoesterol producer.

Corpesca is the principal Chilean fish meal and fish oil producer and one of the largest worldwide. The company operates 80 fishing vessels and four fish-meal and fish oil plants in the northern part of Chile. Meanwhile, Orizon operates 10 vessels and 11 processing plants in the central and southern parts of Chile. The company also operates four fish meal and fish oil plants, as well as seven plants producing foods for human consumption.

Golden Omega’s new omega-3 processing plant is located in Arica, a port city in northern Chile, and is near an existing wild-caught fishery plant. The plant was engineered in Norway and meets the highest quality standards, including ICHQ7 (cGMP for Active Pharma Ingredients) and ICHQ10 (Pharmaceutical Quality System) to yield an extremely pure product.

The company’s processing technologies have been designed to meet or exceed industry standards in terms of reducing persistent organic pollutants (POPs), dioxins, furans, mercury and other heavy metals, as well as the fishy odor usually associated with omega-3 products.

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