Government Report Released Today Concludes That SAM-e Decreases Joint Discomfort

RIDGEFIELD, Conn., Dec. 19 -- A breakthrough report on the popular dietary supplement S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAM-e), titled "S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine for Treatment of Depression, Osteoarthritis, and Liver Disease," was released today. The report, issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, concludes that SAM-e is effective for joint discomfort.

The objective of the report was to conduct a search of the published literature on the use of SAM-e within several areas and, on the basis of that search, evaluate the evidence for the efficacy of SAM-e. Of the studies measured, 10 were included in a meta-analysis of the efficacy of SAM-e to decrease joint discomfort. The data indicated that "SAM-e is more effective than placebo" and that it was shown to be "equivalent to standard therapy," according to the scientific review.

"The results of this compelling report reiterate what many have believed all along -- that SAM-e is indeed a promising and natural alternative for joint discomfort associated with everyday activities," said Barbara Levine, a board member of the Pharmaton Institute for Wellness.

Pharmaton Natural Health Products, a leading marketer of natural supplements, offers two products with SAM-e to meet the needs of a growing number of Americans who are looking for ways to help support their joint health.

Flexium(tm) Joint Comfort provides a unique form of SAM-e to help ease the pain and stiffness associated with everyday activities. Flexium(tm) Joint Comfort & Cartilage Renewal combines SAM-e and glucosamine to help ease the pain from everyday activities and help renew essential cartilage.

Flexium is the only supplement available at major retailers* that contains SD-4, the original, patented form of SAM-e that has been shown to promote joint health and improve flexibility.

The Department of Health and Human Services Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality is expected to post the full SAM-e Evidence Report on its Web site.

About the Pharmaton Institute for Wellness

The Pharmaton Institute for Wellness is committed to helping active and health-conscious Americans manage their health and wellness needs. As Americans become more proactive about their health, diet and exercise play a key role in achieving their wellness goals. The Pharmaton Institute for Wellness was established to offer consumers, health professionals and the media an educational resource about natural supplements. Via our advisory board, composed of well-known and respected health experts, the Pharmaton Institute for Wellness also offers perspective on supplement research, industry events and wellness trends. The Institute will endeavor to support new clinical research to expand the scientific evidence behind natural supplements.

* Major retailers only; excludes health food stores and natural food distributors.

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