Graeme Millar joins Food Standards Agency Board

Graeme Millar, Chair of the Scottish Consumer Council and Director of the National Consumer Council for Great Britain, has been appointed as the FSA’s new Board member for Scotland.

Mr Millar was appointed by Andrew Kerr, Scottish Minister for Health and Community Care. He replaces Professor Andrew Miller, who steps down after two years in the post. He appointment takes effect from March 2005
Agency Chair Sir John Krebs welcomed his appointment, saying: 'Graeme has a wide range of experience at Board level and he will be an excellent addition to the FSA Board.

'His experience as Chair of the Scottish Consumer Council and a member of the Board of the National Consumer Council will be particularly valuable.'

Mr Millar will also become a member of the Scottish Food Advisory Committee (SFAC), which advises the Agency on food safety and standards issues affecting Scotland.

Mr Millar, 49, who lives in Edinburgh, currently holds a number of other positions including Chairman of the Scottish Construction Forum and is a member of the Medicines Commission of Great Britain.

He said: 'I believe that one of the critical agendas going forward this decade is food, and food safety in particular, and the role that the consumer has in shaping the direction things take in the future.

'My current roles with the consumer councils and previously as a consumer representative on the Board of Quality Meat Scotland stand me in good stead to constructively debate the key issues at FSA Board level.'

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