Graminex L.L.C. Announces New Pollen Extract Formulations

SAGINAW, MICHIGAN. February 10, 2004 - Graminex L.L.C. announces new pollen extract formulations to be marketed under the brand name Pollenaid™.

The latest line of pollen extracts have been developed in response to market demands for increased potency and bioavailability. New manufacturing process applications have resulted in PA60™ a pollen extract standardized at not less than 10% amino acids and PAX™ a pollen extract standardized at not less than 15% phytosterols.

Graminex L.L.C. C.O.O. Edward P. Wyszumiala stated that “PA60™ and PAX™ will increase Graminex’s ability to meet our customer demands for quality and potency.” Graminex’s commitment to research and development insures Graminex’s position as the worldwide supplier of all natural pollen extracts.

Graminex LLC has established itself as a leader in the international dietary supplement industry. Located in Deshler, Ohio, the Graminex facility and warehouse manages more than 5,000 acres of farmland in Northwest Ohio, on which active ingredients for dietary supplements are grown and harvested. Graminex supplies bulk ingredients to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and markets its own line of dietary supplements, mainly focusing in the area of prostate care and support and immune system support. The sales strategy for the company is global in scope. Partnered with its distributors, Graminex products are sold in more than 40 countries on six continents.

Graminex L.L.C. is GMP Certification from NSF International, and is also certified under the ISO 9001 and Q9001-2000 standards for manufacturing and processing.

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