GrandyOats Blazes an Organic Trail from Coast to Coast with Organic Trails Snack Mixes

(Brownfield, Maine) – GrandyOats, a proven East Coast company with a 26-year history of making granola, roasted nuts and trail mixes by hand in small batches with only the finest organic ingredients, has headed West with their Organic Trails line of 100% certified organic snack mixes. Sales of these convenient packaged and bulk trail mixes are hot, thanks to health-conscious consumers embracing two of this year's biggest food trends, whole grains and organics, and the company's philanthropic efforts.

Whole grains have a wide range of health benefits, including higher levels of fiber and a lesser impact on blood sugar levels than more refined grains. Medical research links diets rich in whole grains to reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and help with weight management. A key recommendation in the new FDA food pyramid guidelines is that people should consume 3 or more ounce-equivalents of whole-grain products daily. GrandyOats is a leader of the “grainaissance” and their organic granola and trail mixes offer a delicious and convenient way to meet daily needs.

By using only the finest organic ingredients in all of their products, GrandyOats has been able to capitalize on a powerful tool to differentiate their company from mass-produced conventional products on the market. Their customers nationwide agree that organic agriculture is the responsible thing to do and recognize that organic products are better quality.

The Organic Trails line consists of three packaged Trail Mixes (Maple Roasted Cashews, Tamari Roast and Summit Blend) and Two Bulk Mixes (Peanut Free Trail Mix and Chocolate Almond Trail Mix). The Maple Roasted Cashews and Tamari Roast Trail Mixes are also sold in bulk. All varieties are vegan, wheat-free, non-GMO and Kosher. Their small batches and artisan production approach combined with modern vacuum sealing guarantees quality and freshness.

Operating from a restored 100-year old dairy barn nestled in the rural hills of Western Maine, GrandyOats “walks the talk” one organic step at a time. The company has been actively supporting environmental organizations and trails groups since it was founded in 1979. And with the launch of their Organic Trails line of trail mixes, the company kicked off Keep the Trails Alive, a philanthropic program that supports local and national trails groups such as Maine Island Trails Association, Portland Trails and the American Hiking Society.

"We created the Keep the Trails Alive program as a way to help protect the wilderness that inspired our vision for these products," says co-owner Aaron Anker. "Donations and clean-up efforts through this program are a wonderful way for our company to give back to something that is a way of life for us and our customers," adds Anker.

Most recently GrandyOats supported the American Hiking Society's "Hike the Hill" Trails Advocacy Week. This annual lobbying effort offers trail advocates informational sessions on policy issues, training in lobbying advocacy skills and guidance in communicating the importance of America's Trails to Senators, Representatives and key congressional and federal agency staff.

The company is also participating in several Earth Day activities taking place nationwide in cities, on college campuses and at outdoor recreation areas ranging from sponsoring the Earth Day celebration taking place in Portland, Maine to an event being held at Yosemite National Park.

Their products are available in hundreds of stores from coast-to-coast including Whole Foods and Wild Oats. They can even be found at the Village Store in Yosemite National Park and in New Hampshire's White Mountains this summer. The Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) will be serving their organic granola at their popular White Mountain hut system where hut guests enjoy AMC's famous mountain hospitality.

"Our granola and trail mixes help provide hikers a healthy and effective energy boost," says Anker. "And we have found that they like to support companies like us who share their commitment to the protection, enjoyment and wise use of the mountains, rivers, and trails," adds Anker.

In addition to Organic Trails, GrandyOats also offers the only 100% certified organic line of granola nationwide. The line consists of seven unique varieties: Classic, Consciousness Raisin, Low Fat Cranberry Chew, Berries Jubilee, Low-Fat Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Mainely Maple and Chocolate Peanut Crisp. For more information, please visit

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