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GrandyOats Celebrates New USDA Whole Grain Nutrition Guidelines By Announcing a Healthy New Granola

New Chocolate Peanut Crisp is A Delicious Organic Cereal & Snackfood

(Brownfield, Maine) – Food industry experts are citing whole grains as one of the hot trends to watch for in 2005. This is due to the fizzle of the low-carb diet fad, and new government guidelines advising Americans of the nutritional merits of whole grains. GrandyOats is proud to be a leader of the “grainaissance” and is celebrating with the introduction of a crunchy new organic granola. GrandyOats Chocolate Peanut Crisp Granola is micro-baked in small batches by the nation’s only maker of a complete line of all-organic granolas.

On April 19, the USDA unveiled MyPyramid, a new food guidance system which replaces the 1992 Food Pyramid. MyPyramid incorporates recommendations from the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which was released in January to provide advice about how proper dietary habits can promote health and reduce the risk of major chronic diseases. A key Guideline change from 1992 is the recommendation that people should consume 3 or more ounce-equivalents of whole-grain products daily. Government surveys find that fewer than 10% of Americans consume the recommended amount of whole grains. GrandyOats granola is a delicious and convenient way to meet daily whole grain needs.

Medical research links diets rich in whole grains to reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and help with weight management. “The new guidelines confirm what we have been touting all along,” says Aaron Anker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GrandyOats, “servings of whole grains like our nutritious granola are essential for a healthy diet,” he explains. Combine the fact that GrandyOats uses only the finest whole grain ingredients in their granola, with their recent complete conversion to delicious all-organic ingredients, and you have one of the healthiest and tastiest sources of whole grain nutrition on the planet.

GrandyOats Chocolate Peanut Crisp Granola is sold in a convenient 10 oz. re-sealable bag for a suggested retail price of $4.49. Perfect as a healthy snack or as a crunchy breakfast cereal, Chocolate Peanut Crisp is also recommended as a crunchy topping for yogurt, ice cream and fruit. Chocolate Peanut Crisp celebrates two of America’s favorite flavors with dark chocolate chips and peanuts, and also includes a savory blend of oats, maple syrup, oat flour, crisped rice, brown rice syrup, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil, vanilla and sea salt.

Organic whole grain cereal is a hot category, demonstrated by the company’s sales growth in 2004 of more than 60%. “Business has been going nuts here even before the low-carb fad began to fade,” says Anker. A new report from food marketing intelligence firm PackagedFacts, entitled The US Market for Whole Grain and High Fiber Food highlights the fact that the entire U.S. food industry is poised for a dramatic, fundamental change in the way grain-based products are manufactured and marketed.

Operating from a restored dairy barn nestled in the hills of Western Maine, GrandyOats is a true ‘granola’ company that “walks the talk” one organic step at a time. A portion of their sales are donated to groups including the American Hiking Society, Appalachian Trail Association, Maine Island Trail Association and many local organizations that help “keep the trails alive.”

With roots dating back to 1979, the GrandyOats granola line now consists of seven unique varieties: Classic, Consciousness Raisin, Low Fat Cranberry Chew, Berries Jubilee, Low-Fat Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Mainely Maple and the new Chocolate Peanut Crisp. GrandyOats also offers a line of Organic Trails snack mixes and bulk roasted nuts. Products are available in hundreds of stores from coast-to-coast including Whole Foods and Wild Oats. For more information, please visit .

Katie LeBel, 207-563-7695

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