Grassland introduces functional milk ingredients

Grassland introduces functional milk ingredients

Discover how specialties such as Nutrose brand Milk Permeate Powder, Milk Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolates can enhance your products.

To get great dairy flavor in your products and recipes, start with quality dairy ingredients. Food scientists, R&D professionals and manufacturers already know that Grassland is a leader in dairy technology. Now, the world’s largest family-owned butter creamery offers Grassland Specialty Custom Ingredients with the function and taste that customers have come to expect. Discover how specialties such as Nutrose™ brand Milk Permeate Powder, Milk Protein Concentrate and Milk Protein Isolates can enhance your products.

Grassland’s functional milk ingredients for food applications tap into the Wuethrich family heritage of seven generations of butter making. Whether its beverages, soups, sauces, dressings, cookies and crackers, confections, frozen foods, snacks, prepared frozen mixes, fresh dairy products or seasonings, Grassland’s Specialty Custom Ingredients impart the high quality dairy nutrients and function you need for your application.

Located in the heart of Central Wisconsin, Grassland produces one-fourth of the U.S. butter. Their butter production requires the fat from milk, which means Grassland also has access to the remaining dairy components. By filtering the protein element to varying levels, Grassland produces Ultrafiltered Milk. Drying the protein element yields Milk Protein Concentrate, and Milk Protein Isolates. These are branded as NutraPro™ Specialty Custom Ingredients. The lactose and ash from the milk are further managed, to make Grassland’s Nutrose™ brand Milk Permeate Powder. Other ingredients include; dried and liquid buttermilk, liquid skim condensed, skim milk powder, nonfat dry milk, cheese, cultured dairy ingredients, or your own custom blend.

Grassland offers a medley of quality butter products specially developed and packed for retail, foodservice and industrial dairy customers. Its Specialty Custom Ingredients are ideal for numerous food product applications. Contact Grassland to learn how its leadership in technology and innovation can help you produce more functional, great tasting and nutrient-enriched products. For details about Grassland’s Nutrose™ and NutraPro™ Specialty Custom Ingredients, call 1-800-4BUTTER or visit the website at



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