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Green coffee extract performs well in weight-management study

Applied Food Sciences Inc. (AFS) weight management ingredient, GCA may boost weight loss, reduce body fat, and maintain healthy blood pressure levels according to a new study from the company.

Applied Food Sciences Inc
. (AFS) weight management ingredient, GCA® may boost weight loss, reduce body fat, and maintain healthy blood pressure levels according to a new study from the company that continues to expand the science behind the product.

Supplementation with the proprietary ingredient, GCA®, led to 10 percent greater weight loss and an 8 percent greater loss of body fat than a placebo, according to results from the randomized, three way, placebo-controlled cross over study. “This study is one of many the company has completed to build the science behind its functional ingredients—a necessary prerequisite for our customers who require efficacious, clinically proven ingredients with safety and standardization”, stated Christine Fields, VP Scientific Affairs at AFS. “Approximately one half of Americans are overweight and struggling to find all natural solutions that are safe, have essential secondary health benefits, and can help them live a healthy lifestyle. AFS is committed to helping our customers obtain nutritional solutions that can have a meaningful impact on their customers’ lives long term.”

GCA® is an all-natural extract derived from green coffee beans. It has been standardized to optimize the key polyphenolic acids found in coffee that help to build lean body mass, optimize body composition and manage healthy blood glucose levels through inhibition or reduced activation of the glucose-6-phosphatase pathway.

The researchers, led by Dr. M. Nagendran, Bangalore, India, validated recent clinical studies on GCA® completed at the University of Scranton Exercise Clinic, Scranton, PA and at the Institute of Nutrition, Jena, Germany, demonstrating a multitude of synergistic health benefits when supplementing with GCA®, green coffee extract.

"The recently concluded trial on GCA®, sponsored by Applied Food Sciences, specifically addressed the possibility of GCA® being able to assist people in the BMI range of 26 - 30 return to a better BMI score. The trial itself was designed as a three-way crossover between three treatment options involving two dosage possibilities and a placebo arm. The design specifically eliminated inter-subject differences and hence created a platform for very reliable data. It was very encouraging to observe that GCA® was able to consistently assist significant weight reduction and normalization of BMI irrespective of the dose", said Dr Nagendran.

"Another important observation was that the reduction was attributed to the lipid reserves as demonstrated by bioimpedence analysis which expresses density differences between fat deposit and muscle mass. I see promising possibilities for GCA® in this therapeutic area."

This recent clinical evidence and supporting science will be presented at the Midwest Supply Side Science Forum, Rosemont IL July 26, 2011. Applied Food Sciences is a health and wellness organization based out of Austin, TX that specializes in providing nutritional solutions for the food, beverage and supplement industries. For more information, visit

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