Green Solutions for Natural Product Businesses in Asia

Why is Sustainability so Important?
A growing number of corporations (e.g. Mobil, Gap, Nike…) have been experiencing consumer pressure on better environmental and social performance. Issues of corporate social responsibility are becoming main-stream and the public are asking questions about the overall social, ethical and environmental performance of the products and services they purchase. This is prompting change amongst the more enlightened businesses that see opportunities in integrating social and environmental concerns throughout their business operations.

Business Operations Going Green
As a foremost business service provider, Wellness Club Ltd. has successfully implemented Green Business Policy over the years in the area of procurement, office management, marketing and communication practices.

Green Procurement
Purchase products with ENERGY LABEL. Choose to use ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CLEANING supplies and products. Purchase ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE and HEALTH products for corporate gift giving.

Green Office Management
- Waste management: Implement 3R policies for REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE office paper and plastics bags. Avoid using one-off disposables. Reuse paper or magazines as gift-wrapping materials.

- Energy conservation: Deploy PASSIVE SOLAR LIGHTING features e.g. fans and wide-opened windows, with full spectrum COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHTING system in the office to help SAVE ENERGY. Install UV FILTER FILMS onto windows to minimize heat from sunlight. Choose products with ENERGY LABEL. Remind staff to switch off all electronic equipment, computers and lighting when not in use.

- Air quality management: Adopt NATURAL VENTILATION system to IMPROVE AIR QUALITY throughout the office. Do not install ozone-depleting substances.

- Carbon reduction: Use low-carbon LIGHTING system in the office and avoid business travel to CUT CARBON EMISSION. Encourage our clients and consumers to eat “MORE VEGGIES, LESS MEAT” to help reduce yearly emission of carbon dioxide on diet.

- Environmental management: Monitor environmental performance (e.g. electricity and water usage, and material purchase records) regularly. Regularly update management and staff on environmental news, policies and regulations that are related to the business.

Green Marketing and Communication Practice
Print marketing collaterals and name cards with RECYCLED PAPER and SOY INK. Adopt electronic means of communication with supply chain to SAVE PAPER. Support cause related GREEN EVENTS and FUNDRAISING.

Business Model Going Green
The low carbon concept generates huge business opportunities around the globe, from renewable energy projects, green fund trading to carbon management solutions. Wellness Club Ltd. capitalizes on the market potential to represent GreenMyPlanet carbon neutral certification service - a tailor-made solution for businesses in greater China market.

Led by Example
By adopting a Green Business Policy and by providing environmentally or socially responsible products or services businesses can benefit:
• Adding to the bottom-line through resource efficiency
• Being a responsible employer and member of the community
• Raising competitiveness through innovation
• Gaining market share
• Helping to develop positive solutions
• Staying ahead of legislation and adding value to government policy

Wellness Club Ltd has been receiving awards in recognition of its commitment in environmental corporate social responsibility, including Caring Company Logo 2008/09 and the HSBC Living Business Awards 2009.

How Industry Expert Helps Natural Product Businesses
Wellness Club Ltd. provides marketing support for brand building especially in leveraging “health” and “environment” with carbon neutral accreditation, so as to gain stronger customer loyalty and stay competitive in Asia.


About Wellness Club Ltd
Wellness Club Ltd (, [email protected]) offers consultancy in the area of: (1) sourcing distributors (2) developing wholesale channel and retail network (3) product registration and food labeling compliance (4) carbon neutral certification (5) green marketing and CSR reporting (6) LOHAS customer care programs (7) corporate wellness (8) green event planning. Wellness Club Ltd is Caring Company 2008/09 and HSBC Living Business Awards 2009 awardee.

Yolanda Che, founding director of Wellness Club Ltd, has over 13 years of organic health products industry experience. She is founding secretary of health food SME trade association “Association of Green, Organic At Living” and chair of its Regulatory Affairs Committee. She is a local eco-leader for over 20 years and veteran green event producer. She serves public services such as Produce Green Foundation and HK Organic Resource Center.

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