GreenDog Naturals(R) Introduces New Supplement for Dogs

GreenDog Naturals(R), a comprehensive family of all-natural and certified organic canine supplements, introduces Complete Calm(TM). Complete Calm is the first and only certified organic, herbal supplement for a calmer and more relaxed dog.

Nervous behavior or situational anxiety in dogs is a common concern among dog guardians. Treatment has traditionally been prescription medication, which often has harsh side effects. Complete Calm is a natural, gentle alternative that soothes emotions and calms behavior in dogs suffering from separation from their guardian or home, or situational issues such as travel, visitors, kenneling, illness and trips to the vet or groomer. It is safe, non-habit-forming and has no side effects.

Formulated by Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems, a leader in natural nutrition for over 27 years, GreenDog Naturals supplements are designed using organic, food-based ingredients to ensure purity, quality and safety. Complete Calm is the first and currently the only product in its category to be certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) and approved by the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC).

"Many dogs struggle with occasional high levels of nervousness or stress, while others, like adopted or rescued animals, can suffer from it daily," said holistic veterinarian and herbalist Dr. Randy Kidd. "For dog guardians wondering what their options are, I recommend they first identify the behavioral triggers, then create a regimen that combines both behavior modification and a natural supplement. The result is a happier dog -- and guardian."

Marin County, Calif., known for its love of dogs, is home to one of the country's oldest and most active animal shelters. Last year, the Marin Humane Society reported a record number of pet adoptions. During this year's October Adopt-A-Dog Month, its staff will be busy finding homes for dogs and other pets.

"Adopting a pet is an incredible act of kindness, but transitioning to a new environment can also be stressful for the animal," said Carrie Harrington from Marin Humane Society. "There's a lot pet guardians can do to help. For some dogs who seem particularly anxious, we will suggest ways to ease the transition into a new family."

Complete Calm's herbal formula goes to work quickly after consumption and is effective for occasional or ongoing use. It's a natural way to help ease an adopted dog's transition to a new home.

"A medically sedated dog is not a pretty sight, nor is it a sustainable solution to dealing with anxiety or stress," said Tom O'Leary, canine health advocate at Rainbow Light. "Complete Calm naturally relaxes frightened or nervous dogs and helps achieve a natural emotional balance."

The GreenDog Naturals canine supplement line is manufactured in the U.S. at a certified organic production facility following Good Manufacturing Practices put forth by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are formulated by experts from complementary disciplines, including holistic veterinarian and herbalist Randy Kidd, PhD, DVM; master herbalist Christopher Hobbs; and board-registered dietitian Marci Clow. GreenDog Naturals goes beyond basic canine nutrition to build daily wellness, vitality and longevity.

This all-natural product features sustainable packaging made from 100-percent post-consumer recycled material and is 100-percent recyclable with 100-percent biodegradable labels.

Complete Calm's proven, certified organic, food-based ingredients include:

-- Organic valerian is an effective calming agent that typically eases unrest and aggressiveness. It is a good herb to give to a dog before and after a stressful situation, such as surgery or a trip.
-- Organic lavender is widely used to help an incessantly barking dog. As an aerosol essence, lavender has been proven to reduce overnight barking.
-- Organic passionflower is effective in calming frightened or nervous animals. The leaves and flowers of this herb offer a nontoxic, non-addictive calming action. It's also soothing and good for digestion.
-- Organic German chamomile is used to alleviate nervousness or restlessness. Its calming property is particularly helpful for digestive upset.
-- Organic pumpkin and oats help settle the stomach and soothe emotions in dogs. Oat straw is one of the best herbs for supporting nervous system health. Pumpkin is an appealing flavor for dogs, is beneficial for an upset stomach due to its high fiber content, and is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins C, K and E, potassium, magnesium and iron.
-- Organic ginger root has been studied as an aid in easing nausea in dogs and has long been used to support digestive health.

Complete Calm will be available at,, select natural pet stores and select PETCO locations in early October. It comes in natural chicken flavor and the suggested retail price is $14.99 for 30 chewable tablets. The dosage is relative to weight.

Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems launched the GreenDog Naturals line earlier this year. All-natural and organic, GreenDog Naturals provides essential daily nutrients and digestive support (Whole Dog Daily) lacking in commercial pet food, as well as special formulas for mobility (Healthy Motion), skin and heart health (Omega Glo-Coat 3-6-9), and now a calming formula (Complete Calm).

Rainbow Light's GreenDog Naturals is a proud member of the NASC.

About Rainbow Light(R) Nutritional Systems, Inc.:

Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, a leader and innovator in natural nutrition since 1981, is best known as the manufacturer of the No. 1 selling natural multivitamin line, Just Once(R), and the No. 1 selling prenatal line, Prenatal One(TM). In February 2009, Rainbow Light expanded into the pet nutrition category with its new line of all-natural pet supplements, GreenDog Naturals(TM).

In every product, Rainbow Light combines research-based optimal potencies and highly bioavailable complementary nutrient forms with energizing whole foods, botanicals and digestive support for increased energy and utilization with no stomach upset. These proven potencies, produced to the highest quality standards of purity and safety and delivered in a gentle, natural food base, offer consumers superior value and a difference they can feel and, in the case of canines, see. Rainbow Light formulas target both general and specific health concerns for women, men, seniors, children and their canine companions while building a foundation for overall wellness. Rainbow Light integrates the best of medical research with respected traditions of health and wellness to nurture all systems of the body.

For more information on Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems, call 1-800-571-4701 or visit or

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