Greenshell Mussel Powder Power

Waitaki Biosciences has launched PernaTec™ stabilised Greenshell Mussel Powder (GSM) using a unique natural anti-oxidant complex. Well regarded for its anti-inflammatory activity, standard grades of GSM are prone to oxidation of key fatty acids when exposed to heat, oxygen and light. In developing a proprietary antioxidant blend and processing technology that significantly enhances the oxidative stability of its mussel powder, Waitaki Biosciences has created a new generation of GSM powder that offers manufacturers, retailers and consumers a new level of long-lasting performance.

“The benefits offered by GSM are linked to the presence of naturally occurring and highly unsaturated fatty acids, particularly omega 3s, which comprise approximately three per cent of the dried powder weight in a pure product. However, unsaturated fatty acids of this nature can be prone to oxidation if they are not protected from exposure to oxygen, heat and light,” comments Craig McIntosh, Waitaki Biosciences’ CEO. “That’s why we have developed a process that utilises a proprietary blend antioxidant, ensuring the health benefits of GSM are maintained throughout processing from the raw frozen state, through drying, milling, packing and storage.”

In its search for a high efficacy antioxidant that could be delivered pre-processing, Waitaki established that no single standard source, such as Vitamin E or food grade acids, could provide the required performance. However, rigorous testing revealed the synergistic benefits of a proprietary combination of natural plant derived anti-oxidant compounds. The effectiveness of this unique blend was demonstrated in oxidative stability trials at independent test facilities. When exposed to high pressure oxygen at a temperature of 80oC for 16 hours, PernaTec™ stabilised GSM powder demonstrated 42 per cent improved stability.

“Identifying the ideal blend was only half the challenge,” continues Craig McIntosh. “To make it truly effective, an entirely new method of application was required. Ultimately the problem was overcome with a combination of engineering and process ingenuity which is now producing outstanding results.”

GSM powder is consumed by all age groups, and people such as athletes and workers in physical occupations where high degrees of strain on joints are experienced, to maintain joint health. It has been associated with improvements in mobility in those suffering from joint stiffness, swelling and discomfort. Three key components have been identified as primarily being responsible for the beneficial effects of GSM – omega-3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA), Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), and phosphorylated glycogen. It is these three compounds working together that generate the anti-inflammatory and joint cushioning effect of GSM. While research continues to identify the exact biochemical mechanism of each compound, it is clear is that the activity of the three combined in GSM powder exceeds the sum of each individual component revealing an important natural synergy present in whole mussel powder.

Understanding of GSM's importance as a joint health ingredient is on the rise as manufacturers of supplements and functional foods look for proven ingredients to support the needs of consumers looking for natural joint health remedies.

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