Groundbreaking Research Finds Biocell Collagen II® To Be Safe and Effective

Groundbreaking Research Finds Biocell Collagen II® To Be Safe and Effective

Study showcases bioavailability and safety of BioCell Collagen II® with Hyaluronic Acid

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, July 28, 2004 - A recent clinical study published in The FASEB Journal indicates that sternal hydrolyzed collagen type II with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), derived from BioCell Collagen II®, is safe and effective in relieving pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis and encourages overall joint health in adults.

Results of the double blind, clinical trial indicated that BioCell Collagen II®, taken by study participants with osteoarthritis, is a safe and effective natural alternative to help alleviate pain associated with the condition. Sixteen male and female subjects took 1000mg a day of BioCell Collagen II® for eight weeks and reported a decrease in joint pain and stiffness in their knee, hip and hands as well as overall improvements to their quality of life. Other research further showcases how the potent HA found naturally occurring in BioCell Collagen II®, is absorbed and readily available for use in the body. This is in contrast to previous published studies which showed that other HA forms were not absorbed and thus unavailable for use by the human body.

"With nearly 21 million Americans suffering from osteoarthritis and the debilitating pain associated with cartilage breakdown, natural and safe alternatives continue to be on demand to help consumers keep their joints healthy. As a collagen ingredient pioneer, we are pleased to provide safe and effective solutions based upon scientific research to consumers so they can enjoy optimal health. BioCell Technology is excited to announce the results of this study as our BioCell Collagen II® with Hyaluronic Acid continues to improve the quality of lives for people worldwide," said Suhail Ishaq, vice president of BioCell Technology, LLC.

BioCell Collagen II® is a natural Type II Collagen ingredient that provides a naturally occurring matrix of bioavailable Hyaluronic Acid (10%), depolymerized Chondoritin Sulfate (20%), and Collagen Type II (70%). With a patented process, BioCell Collagen II® was developed as a molecularly optimized ingredient that
could be easily absorbed by the body. Collagen Type II is the most abundant
protein found in joint cartilage that helps promote new cartilage synthesis and reduces oxidative damage to the joints. The formula contains a generous amount of HA which is an important joint and skin nourishing element that allows skin to retain moisture which promotes healing and skin tissue rejuvenation. HA is essential in reducing joint friction caused by the joint's degradation of its natural lubrication.

"This groundbreaking research emphasizes why BioCell Collagen II® is a unique and superior ingredient when used to augment joint health. The combination of collagen and HA works synergistically together in the body to promote absorption and moves quickly from the blood stream to the tissues and begins functioning,"
said Dr. William Judy, senior scientist at SIBR Research.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is one of the most common types of arthritis that breakdown joints'
cartilage, causing bones to rub against each other resulting in pain, loss of movement and inflammation in the body.

BioCell Collagen II® can be found in dozens of dietary supplements and complex health formulas worldwide. For more information on this innovative ingredient and joint health research visit


Founded in 1997, BioCell Technology, LLC pioneered the applications of Sternum Collagen Type II, the highest concentrated natural source available of type II collagen. It is the exclusive supplier of BioCell Collagen II®. BioCell Technology, LLC owns the exclusive rights to market BioCell Collagen II® under the United States Patent #6,025,327. BioCell Collagen II® is a branded registered logo that is available for display on its client's labels to market under their own brand name or formulas. For more information on BioCell Collagen II®, please contact Asma Ishaq at BioCell Technology, LLC at (714) 632-1231, or visit them at

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