GTC Nutrition Celebrates Opening of Missoula, MT Specialty Oats Ingredients Channel

Missoula, Montana-Based Facility to Produce OatVantage™ Oat Bran Concentrate

GOLDEN, Colorado, Tuesday, October 16, 2007 – GTC Nutrition today announced the grand opening of its specialty oats manufacturing facility in Missoula, MT. The facility reintroduces a novel ingredient to the marketplace. The ribbon-cutting event celebrates the second production channel for the Company's products located in North America.

The Missoula facility currently produces OatVantage™, a highly concentrated soluble fiber that contains 54 percent beta-glucan, more than 18 times greater than regular oats. It is suitable for both human and animal consumption.

“We are excited to add OatVantage™ as an ingredient that will help to support our heart and glycemic health platforms, enabling our customers to obtain a unique competitive advantage in the markets they serve," said Pat Smith, president of GTC Nutrition. “The Missoula plant is part of our continued efforts to expand our portfolio of ingredient offerings by designing a variety of innovative products and applications to meet evolving customer needs.”

OatVantage oat bran concentrate will be marketed and distributed globally by GTC Nutrition. “The opening of this channel is another example of our Company’s ability to join with proven partners to expand our broad product portfolio and bring value-added ingredients to our customers around the world,” said Sam Scott, chairman, president and chief executive officer of GTC Nutrition's parent company Corn Products International, Inc.

Along with Pat Smith and Sam Scott, speakers at the ribbon-cutting ceremony included John Saucier, vice president, global business and product development, sales and marketing for Corn Products International, Inc., and Marek Siczek, plant manager for GTC Nutrition.

The Missoula manufacturing facility is the second new manufacturing channel for GTC Nutrition products that Corn Products International has opened in North America. In 2006, the companies opened the only manufacturing channel in North America to produce short-chain fructooligosaccharides, a prebiotic ingredient that enhances calcium absorption and supports digestive and immune health. That channel is located in London, Ontario, Canada.

About GTC Nutrition
GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International, Inc., is a recognized leader in providing innovative, customized ingredient solutions along with scientific, technical and marketing expertise to the food processing, dietary supplement and animal feed industries. GTC Nutrition promotes health globally with innovative functional food ingredients and unsurpassed customer support. For more information, visit

About Corn Products International, Inc.
Corn Products International is one of the world's largest corn refiners and a major supplier of high-quality food ingredients and industrial products derived from the wet milling and processing of corn and other starch-based materials. The Company, headquartered in Westchester, Ill., is the number-one worldwide producer of dextrose and a leading regional producer of starch, high fructose corn syrup and glucose. In 2006, Corn Products International reported record net sales and diluted earnings per share of $2.62 billion and $1.63, respectively, with operations in 15 countries at 35 plants, including wholly owned businesses, affiliates and alliances. For more information, visit

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