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GTC Nutrition to Launch Consumer-Focused Health Education Initiative

Program to Promote Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices

GOLDEN, Colorado, Sunday, July 17, 2005 – GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International Inc.
(NYSE: CPO), today announced its plans to launch a health education initiative that teaches consumers Health Sense – No Nonsense.™ This program, which incorporates the health benefits offered by GTC Nutrition’s line of specialty ingredients, will empower consumers to make better food and lifestyle choices.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the connection between nutrition and health,” said Patrick Smith, president of GTC Nutrition. “The food industry plays a broad role in providing nutritious choices to all consumer segments, and we plan to apply our expertise to educate consumers about advances in food technology, which often involves the fortification of foods and beverages with natural ingredients to offer a multitude of health benefits.”

According to the International Food Information Council (IFIC), 33 percent of Americans currently are attempting to add healthy foods or ingredients to their diet in order to improve overall wellness, compared with 28 percent who were doing so in 1998. Although this is an exciting trend, only a small percentage of consumers can identify newer or more specific functional foods and their associated health benefits. This presents an opportunity for GTC Nutrition to increase consumer understanding and confidence – especially since the IFIC estimates that 86 percent of consumers are interested in learning more about the health benefits offered by functional foods.

The program, which is scheduled to launch in early 2006, will reach consumers through a variety of channels, potentially including partnership opportunities, co-branding logo and label statement opportunities, a consumer-focused web site, education programs, community events, and public relations and advertising. Several of GTC Nutrition’s customers, including Horizon Organic Dairy, plan to participate in the program, which seeks to advance GTC Nutrition’s mission of promoting health and well-being.

About GTC Nutrition
GTC Nutrition, a business unit of Corn Products International, Inc., is a recognized leader in providing science-based ingredients to the food processing, dietary supplement and animal feed industries. GTC Nutrition promotes health throughout North, Central and South America, Australia and New Zealand with innovative functional food ingredients and unsurpassed customer support. For more information, visit

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CONTACT: Trina O’Brien
303-216-2489 EXT. 227

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