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Guayaki’s New Java Maté Tastes Like Coffee – But Feels Like Maté

Three Invigorating Yerba Maté Blends are the First Healthy Caffeinated Coffee-Like Beverages on the Market

San Luis Obispo, CA - Coffee lovers have something new to get jazzed about. Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products has announced Java Maté, a unique new line of delicious yerba maté that is made with organic ingredients. This innovation combines the energy and flavor derived from two powerful rainforest trees: yerba maté and Ramón.

Java Maté is a caffeinated coffee alternative that brews in any standard coffee maker, French press or espresso machine. It can also be enjoyed in a traditional yerba maté gourd. Java Maté features the robust, coffee-like taste of roasted Ramón nuts in three delicious blends: Dark Roast, Vanilla Nut and Mocha Maca. 50% of each blend is comprised of roasted Ramón nut and other herbs and spices, and the other 50% consists of Guayaki’s nutritious organic yerba maté. Each Java Maté blend is offered in a 7-ounce re-sealable package.

Java Maté allows coffee-lovers to get the energy and flavor they usually derive from coffee without the harsh side effects that many must endure. The Java Maté blends are less likely to cause acidity than coffee, and have 65 mg of caffeine per 8 ounce serving, compared to 135 mg for a comparable coffee serving, and 30 mg for Green Tea.

Both the Ramón nut and yerba maté boast impressive nutrition profiles. Guayakí yerba maté contains 196 active compounds, including 24 vitamins and minerals, and 15 amino acids. It also offers 11 polyphenols – powerful antioxidants that are currently undergoing studies for anti-cancer effects. It is worth noting that it has more active compounds and higher polyphenol and antioxidant counts than other highly touted health drinks, including green and black teas.

Providing mental clarity and overall balance in the body, yerba maté also offers a unique sustaining energy due to its complex combination of natural xanthine alkaloids, caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. It is also known to aid digestion and regularity, and is used as a supportive treatment in weight-loss programs.

North Americans are rediscovering what the Mayan civilization knew for centuries – that the Ramón nut is a delicious and nutritious food and beverage source. Ramón nuts are high in protein (12%), vitamin C, calcium, and iron. The amino acid content of Ramón nuts is more complete than many other important foods including eggs, milk, sorghum, corn and wheat.

Even though it sustained Mayan civilizations, people in Central America have not been harvesting and selling this commodity that falls to the rainforest floor each season. Ramón has been listed as one of the most underutilized tropical crops in the world today by the National Academy of Sciences. Guayaki’s use of the Ramón nut is consistent with their mission to promote Market Driven ConservationTM. In addition to the goal of creating healthy and delicious beverages, Guayaki strives to enhance sustainable development opportunities for indigenous rainforest people that otherwise face poor economic conditions. Enhancement of the market for Ramón nuts benefits the people and therefore helps protect the rainforest from less sustainable practices that threaten it today.

Not all yerba maté is the same. Guayakí yerba maté is the market leader in North America due to the rigorous sustainable process undertaken to organically grow, harvest and process it. Guayakí is also a leader due to their social mission. The organic cultivation of Guayakí’s yerba maté takes place on the 20,000-acre Guayakí Rainforest Preserve. Their Market-Driven Conservation business generates Fair Trade income for the 34 indigenous families living there and creates revenue for the Preserve, which is a safe haven for more than 330 bird and mammal species. Sales also help fund native housing facilities and the school, and provide medical supplies for the health clinic.

Humidity, cool temperatures and rich organic soil in the rainforest encourage yerba maté trees to grow slowly, the way nature intended. Guayakí’s maté is grown in this natural rainforest where shade from the upper canopy of towering hardwood trees above protects the leaves from direct sunlight, which can cause bitterness. Guayakí workers handpick only the most tender maté leaves and stems, which are flash-heated to protect the nutritional properties. The maté is wood-dried using naturally-fallen rainforest hardwoods and then aged for 12 months in cedar wood chambers. This time-honored process creates Guayakí’s distinct “woodsy” aroma and full-bodied flavor.

To learn more about Java Maté and Guayakí’s mission, please visit or call 1-888-GUAYAKI (482-9254). Java Maté and other Guayakí yerba maté products can be purchased at thousands of natural foods stores, cafes and supermarkets throughout North America or though their secure website Guayakí offers 100% organic, rainforest-grown yerba maté in traditional and maté blends to please all individual tastes and needs, including: 7 varieties of Tea Bags (Traditional, Magical Mint, Chai Spice, Maté Chocolatté, Greener Green Tea, Orange Blossom, and Maté Rooiboost!); Loose Tea; Java Maté; Maté Chai Concentrate; Bulk Loose Yerba Maté; and Bulk Yerba Maté Tea Bags.

Guayaki Sustainable Rainforest Products, Inc.

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