HAPPYFAMILY debuts HAPPYMUNCHIES organic whole grain veggie snacks

HAPPYFAMILY(R) announced new HAPPYMUNCHIES(TM), portable baked organic cheese, veggie and whole grain snacks.

HAPPYFAMILY(R), the nation's leading premium organic baby food, announced new HAPPYMUNCHIES(TM), portable baked organic cheese, veggie and whole grain snacks. Perfect for small hands on-the-go, HAPPYMUNCHIES are crafted with all-natural and organic ingredients including organic white cheddar cheese, organic whole grain corn meal and organic vegetables, offering parents yet another convenient way to serve their children food packed with the powerful nutrients they need to achieve optimal health and wellness. HAPPYMUNCHIES are available for purchase online now and will be on store shelves later this year.

"Our new HAPPYMUNCHIES will not only leave babies reaching for more, but also boost parents' confidence by ensuring they are making smart food and nutrition choices for their own happy baby," said Shazi Visram, founder and CEO of HAPPYFAMILY. "We created these tasty snacks specifically to help babies learn tactility and self-feeding with little mess, while also providing a rich source of essential nutrients critical to a baby's growth and development. HAPPYMUNCHIES also encourage the development of a healthy palate, vital at this early stage of growth."

Joining HAPPYFAMILY's robust ranks of delicious and nutritious baby and toddler foods, HAPPYMUNCHIES are USDA-certified organic, high in choline to help babies' growing brains, and fortified with necessary vitamins and minerals for a healthy start to life. HAPPYMUNCHIES contain no added sugar and have 60 percent less sodium than conventional brands, offering a healthier alternative at a similar price. As with all HAPPYFAMILY products, HAPPYMUNCHIES were formulated with and are endorsed by one of America's most trusted pediatricians, Dr. Robert W. Sears.

"The first three years of a child's development are a window of opportunity for forming cognitive functions and increasing brain power," said Dr. Sears, medical advisor for HAPPYFAMILY. "Choline, a vitamin B complex found in the new HAPPYMUNCHIES, plays an especially critical role in brain development by boosting a baby's thought process and capacity for memory, giving the baby a strong start to life."

HAPPYMUNCHIES are available in two delicious flavors:

Organic cheddar cheese with carrot: just the right amount of cheesy crunch and naturally sweet carrot, this classic flavor is made with organic yellow corn meal, organic white cheddar cheese and organic carrots. Organic broccoli, kale & cheddar cheese: made with organic kale and organic broccoli, this flavor offers a great way to include additional green vegetables into a happy baby's daily snack.

HAPPYMUNCHIES come in BPA-free packaging that contains more than 60 percent post-recycled content. HAPPYFAMILY also provides parents with 10 percent more product in each package than other leading brands.

The new HAPPYMUNCHIES are available for purchase online now at www.amazon.com, www.diapers.com and www.happybabyfood.com. The snacks will arrive in grocery stores and natural food stores later this year. HAPPYMUNCHIES have a suggested retail price of $2.99 per 1.63 oz. canister.


Launched on Mother's Day 2006, HAPPYFAMILY is the nation's leading premium organic baby and toddler food brand. HAPPYFAMILY is the only brand to feature a complete line of infant nutrition—from cereals to snacks—for babies' growing bodies. HAPPYFAMILY products are consistently recognized for their superior taste and nutrition. The company recently earned a SheKnows.com 2010 Parents' Choice Award, as well as four "Mom Approved—Child Tested" Excellence Awards from SafBaby.com for HAPPYMELTS(TM), HAPPYBABYPUFFS(TM), HAPPYTOT(TM) pouches and all HAPPYBABY pouches. For more information, visit www.happybabyfood.com.

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